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Water Quality Initiatives and Agriculture: An Electronic Bibliography

48 selected citations
Web-Available --- February 2002

Joe Makuch
Water Quality Information Center

This electronic bibliography is intended primarily to provide awareness of recent investigations and discussions of a topic and is not intended to be in-depth and exhaustive. The inclusion or omission of a particular publication or citation should not be construed as endorsement or disapproval.

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  1. 1997 Nutrient Reduction Reevaluation Summary Report

  2. Adoption of Agricultural Production Practices: Lessons Learned from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Area Studies Project

  3. Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 1994

  4. Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 1996-97

  5. Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2003

  6. Agriculture and the Environment: Information on and Characteristics of Selected Watershed Projects

  7. Agriculture and Water Quality

  8. Allocating Land to New York's Conservation Reserve Program to Maximize Net Environmental Benefits

  9. America's Private Land: A Geography of Hope

  10. Animal Agriculture: Information on Waste Management and Water Quality Issues

  11. Animal Agriculture, Waste Management Practices

  12. Animal Waste Management and the Environment: Background for Current Issues

  13. Assessment of U.S. Agricultural Policy and Linkages to Trade and Environmental Issues

  14. AWRA 1998 Specialty Conference on Rangeland Management and Water Resources: Proceedings

  15. Clean Water Initiative: Restoring and Protecting America's Waters

  16. Conservation Reserve Program: Status and Policy Issues

  17. Conservation Spending in Agriculture: Trends and Implications

  18. Control of Water Pollution from Agriculture

  19. Crops and Drops: Making the Best Use of Water for Agriculture

  20. Data and Information About Natural Resources on Agricultural Land: No Rules, Just Rights

  21. Designing Green Support: Incentive Compatibility and the Commodity Programs

  22. Designing Nonpoint Source Pollution Policies with Limited Information About Both Risk Attitudes and Production Technology

  23. Evaluating Extension-Based Water Resource Outreach Programs: Are We Meeting the Challenge?

  24. Evaluation of the Experimental Rural Clean Water Program

  25. Final Report of the National Watershed Forum, Building Partnerships for Healthy Watersheds

  26. Forest & Riparian Buffer Conservation: Local Case Studies From the Chesapeake Bay Program

  27. Laws Governing Use and Impact of Agricultural Chemicals: Agricultural Chemicals and Water Pollution

  28. Legal Issues Related to Livestock Watering in Federal Grazing Districts

  29. Local Economic Impacts of Conservation Reserve Program Enrollments: A Sub-County Analysis

  30. Location of Production and Endogenous Water Quality Regulation: A Look at the U.S. Hog Industry

  31. Mission Possible II: State Progress Controlling Runoff Under the Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program

  32. National Watershed Water Quality Project Symposium: Proceedings

  33. Nitrogen Sources and Gulf Hypoxia: Potential for Point-Nonpoint Trading

  34. NWQEP Notes

  35. Protecting and Restoring America's Watersheds: Status, Trends, and Initiatives in Watershed Management

  36. Review of Phosphorus Control Measures in the United States and Their Effects on Water Quality

  37. Section 319 Nonpoint Source National Monitoring Program: Successes and Recommendations

  38. Section 319 Nonpoint Source Success Stories

  39. Section 319 Success Stories: Volume II, Highlights of State and Tribal Nonpoint Source Programs

  40. Section 319 Nonpoint Source Success Stories: Volume III

  41. Unleashing the Clean Water Act: The Promise and Challenge of the TMDL Approach to Water Quality

  42. Voluntary Incentives for Reducing Agricultural Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

  43. Water Quality: A Report of Progress

  44. Water Quality and Agriculture: Status, Conditions, and Trends

  45. Water Quality Initiatives and Agriculture

  46. Watershed Success Stories: Applying the Principles and Spirit of the Clean Water Action Plan

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