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 January 1992 - September 1995
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 1. Alleviation of the effect of heat stress by dietary methods in
 broilers: a review.
 Kutlu, H. R.; Forbes, J. M. 
 World-rev-anim-prod v.28, p.15-26. (1995).
 Descriptor: broilers-; heat-stress; fowl-feeding;
 dietary-protein; fasting-; vitamins-; immune-response;
 ascorbic-acid; liveweight-gain; feed-intake; feed- conversion;
 body-temperature; vitamin-supplements; environmental-temperature;
 sodium-bicarbonate; drinking-water; antipyretics-; broiler-
 performance; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: 49-W89
 2. Association of sulfate-water and blood thiamine concentration
 in beef cattle: field studies.
 Olkowski, A. A.; Rousseaux, C. G.; Christensen, D. A. 
 Can-J-Anim-Sci v.71, p.825-832. (1991).
 Descriptor: beef-cattle; drinking-water; sulfates-; thiamin-;
 blood-; vitamin-deficiencies; saskatchewan-
 NAL Call No.: 41.8-C163
 3. Broiler chick and laying hen tolerance to sodium hypochlorite
 in drinking water.
 Damron, B. L.; Flunker, L. K. 
 Poultry-sci v.72, p.1650-1655. (1993).
 Descriptor: broilers-; hens-; drinking-water;
 sodium-hypochlorite; sodium-bicarbonate; tolerance-;
 broiler-performance; laying-performance; water- intake;
 body-weight; water-purification
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-Am33P
 4. Carbon dioxide, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, and
 performance of heat distressed broilers.
 Smith, M. O.; Teeter, R. G. 
 J-appl-poult-res v.2, p.61-66. (1993).
 Descriptor: broilers-; heat-stress; carbonation-; drinking-water;
 acid-base-equilibrium; body-temperature; water-intake
 NAL Call No.: SF481.J68
 5. Carbonated drinking water for improvement of eggshell quality
 of laying hens during summertime months.
 Koelkebeck, K. W.; Harrison, P. C.; Parsons, C. M. 
 J-Appl-Poult-Res v.1, p.194-199. (1992).
 Descriptor: hens-; egg-shell-quality; summer-; carbonation-;
 drinking-water; age-differences
 NAL Call No.: SF481.J68
 6. Cooling of drinking water for laying hens.
 Damron, B. L. 
 Poult-Sci v.70, p.2368-2370. (1991).
 Descriptor: hens-; drinking-water; cooling-; laying-performance;
 egg-quality; environmental-temperature; body-weight; feed-intake;
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-AM33P
 7. Dietary zinc methionine effect on eggshell quality of hens
 drinking saline water.
 Moreng, R. E.; Balnave, D.; Zhang, D. 
 Poult-Sci v.71, p.1163-1167. (1992).
 Descriptor: hens-; drinking-water; saline-water; zinc-;
 methionine-; tap-water; egg-shell-quality; breaking-strength;
 egg-shell-defects; zinc-sulfate; feed- intake; water-intake;
 weight-; laying-performance
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-AM33P
 8. A discussion of swine nutrition. 2.
 Knabe, D. A. 
 Agri-Practice. [Santa Barbara, CA] : Veterinary Practice Pub.
 Co., [c1983-. May 1994. v. 15 (5) p. 29-32. 
 Descriptor: pigs-; pig-feeding; energy-requirements;
 protein-requirement; amino-acids; milk-substitutes;
 feed-additives; processing-; drinking-water
 NAL Call No.: SF601.B6
 9. Drinking water in every pasture.
 Green, J. T. Jr. 
 N-C-dairy-ext-newsl p.4-6. (1993).
 Descriptor: dairy-farms; drinking-water; pastures-; tanks-
 NAL Call No.: 275.29-N811Nc
 10. Drinking water temperature affects consumption of water
 during cold weather in ponies.
 Kristula, M. A.; McDonnell, S. M. 
 Appl-anim-behav-sci v.41, p.155-160. (1994).
 Descriptor: horses-; water-intake; water-temperature; cold-;
 NAL Call No.: QL750.A6
 11. Drinking water temperature and potassium chloride
 supplementation effects on broiler body temperature and
 performance during heat stress.
 Beker, A.; Teeter, R. G. 
 J-appl-poult-res v.3, p.87-92. (1994).
 Descriptor: broilers-; drinking-water; heat-stress;
 potassium-chloride; feed-intake; liveweight-gain
 NAL Call No.: SF481.J68
 12. The effect of feed and water withdrawal on body weight and
 carcass characteristics of molted turkey breeders.
 Lilburn, M. S.; Nestor, K. E.; Stonerock, R.; Wehrkamp, T. 
 Poult-Sci v.72, p.30-36. (1993).
 Descriptor: turkeys-; turkey-hen-feeding; restricted-feeding;
 drinking-water; molt-; line-differences; abdominal-fat; liver-;
 weight-; oviducts-; body- composition; body-weight;
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-AM33P
 13. Effect of sewage and sewage effluents as drinking water
 sources for point-of-lay chickens.
 Shoremi, O. I. A.; Sridhar, M. K. C.; Ekpenyong, T. E. 
 Biol-Wastes v.32, p.1-7. (1990).
 Descriptor: hens-; drinking-water; sources-; sewage-;
 sewage-effluent; treatment-; effects-; water-; consumption-;
 feed-intake; egg-production; egg- weight; body-weight; feeds-;
 utilization-; efficiency-; egg-shell-thickness; nigeria-
 NAL Call No.: TD930.A32
 14. Effect of warm drinking water on the performance and
 immunological responses of broiler breeder hens raised at low air
 Spinu, M.; Degen, A. A.; Rosenstrauch, A. 
 Br-poult-sci v.34, p.361-366. (1993).
 Descriptor: hens-; environmental-temperature; cold-stress;
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-B77
 15. Effects of sulfate in drinking water for livestock.
 Veenhuizen, M. F.; Shurson, G. C. 
 J-Am-Vet-Med-Assoc v.201, p.487-492. (1992).
 Descriptor: pigs-; cattle-; poultry-; sheep-; drinking-water;
 sulfates-; sulfur-; water-intake; toxicity-; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: 41.8-Am3
 16. Effects of superoxygen of drinking water on performance and
 carcass characteristics of feedlot steers.
 Strasia, C. A.; Foutz, C. P.; Nick, C. L.; Dolezal, H. G.; Gill,
 D. R.; Lake, R. P.; Rupe, G. D.; Heitschmidt, R. E. 
 Misc-Publ-Agric-Exp-Stn-Okla-State-Univ p.231-234. (1991).
 Descriptor: steers-; drinking-water; oxygen-; treatment-;
 performance-; carcass-quality
 NAL Call No.: 100-OK4-3
 17. Evaluation of bovine perinatal nitrate accumulation in
 western Nebraska.
 Johnson, J. L.; Grotelueschen, D.; Knott, M. 
 Vet-hum-toxicol v.36, p.467-471. (1994).
 Descriptor: beef-cattle; calves-; nitrites-; nitrates-;
 poisoning-; body-fluids; forage-; drinking-water; body-length;
 animal-health; cattle-feeding; nebraska-
 NAL Call No.: SF601.A47
 18. Feeding management of foals.
 Harper, F. 
 J-equine-vet-sci. Lake Elsinore, Calif. : William E. Jones, DVM.
 June 1994. v. 14 (6) p. 337-340. 
 Descriptor: foals-; horse-feeding; creep-feeding;
 artificial-rearing; protein-quality; mares-; lactating-females;
 NAL Call No.: SF951.J65
 19. Grazing systems, pasture size, and cattle grazing behavior,
 distribution and gains.
 Hart, R. H.; Bissio, J.; Samuel, M. J.; Waggoner, J. W. Jr. 
 J-Range-Manage v.46, p.81-87. (1993).
 Descriptor: beef-cattle; grazing-systems; rotational-grazing;
 duration-; grazing-time; controlled-grazing; pastures-; size-;
 grazing-behavior; liveweight- gain; drinking-water;
 distance-travelled; continuous-grazing
 NAL Call No.: 60.18-J82
 20. How to feed your laying and breeding hens.
 Hermes, J. C. 
 PNW. Corvallis, Or. : Washington, Oregon, and Idaho State
 Universities, Cooperative Extension Service. Jan 1995. (477) 4 p. 
 Descriptor: hen-feeding; feeds-; fowl-feeding; drinking-water
 NAL Call No.: 275.29-W27Pn
 21. Influence of saline drinking water on eggshell quality and
 Balnave, D. 
 World's-poult-sci-j v.49, p.109-119. (1993).
 Descriptor: hens-; drinking-water; saline-water; shell-gland;
 egg-shell-quality; egg-shell-formation
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-W89
 22. The influence of the mineral level in drinking water and the
 thermal environment on the performance and intestinal fluid flux
 of newly- weaned pigs.
 Maenz, D. D.; Patience, J. F.; Wolynetz, M. S. 
 J-anim-sci v.72, p.300-308. (1994).
 Descriptor: piglets-; weaning-; drinking-water; mineral-content;
 sulfate-; cold-stress; environmental-temperature; synergism-;
 feed-intake; water-intake; performance-; dosage-effects;
 diarrhea-; body-temperature; blood-chemistry; blood-picture;
 growth-rate; small-intestine; fluids-; intestinal- absorption
 NAL Call No.: 49-J82
 23. Interaction of different sources of water and duration of
 consumption on replacement chickens at the grower phase.
 Shoremi, O. I. A.; Ekpenyong, T. E.; Shidhar, M. K. C. 
 Bioresource-Technol v.43, p.127-130. (1993).
 Descriptor: replacement-; chicks-; drinking-water; sources-;
 feed-intake; performance-; nigeria-
 NAL Call No.: TD930.A32
 24. Interactive effects of dietary copper and water copper level
 on growth, water intake, and plasma and liver copper
 concentrations of poults.
 Ward, T. L.; Watkins, K. L.; Southern, L. L. 
 Poultry-sci v.73, p.1306-1311. (1994).
 Descriptor: poults-; dietary-minerals; copper-; liver-; growth-;
 drinking-water; water-intake; blood-plasma; mineral-supplements;
 performance-; hemoglobin-; growth-
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-Am33P
 25. Kidney structure and responses of two commercial single comb
 white leghorn strains to saline in the drinking water.
 Wideman, R. F.; Nissley, A. C. 
 Br-Poult-Sci v.33, p.489-504. (1992).
 Descriptor: pullets-; saline-water; renal-function; cocks-;
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-B77
 26. Macromineral nutrition by heat stress interactions in dairy
 cattle: review and original research.
 Sanchez, W. K.; McGuire, M. A.; Beede, D. K. 
 J-dairy-sci v.77, p.2051-2079. (1994).
 Descriptor: dairy-cows; heat-stress; dietary-minerals;
 nutrient-requirements; feed-intake; buffers-; digestion-;
 mineral-supplements; ion-balance; seasonal-variation; milk-yield;
 saline-water; drinking-water; ph-; anions-; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: 44.8-J822
 27. Maintenance of high-quality water assures good dairy cattle
 Aseltine, M. 
 Feedstuffs v.64, p.14-15. (1992).
 Descriptor: dairy-cattle; animal-health; water-quality;
 drinking-water; nutrients-
 NAL Call No.: 286.81-F322
 28. A note on the effect of magnetically treated drinking water
 on the performance of fattening cattle.
 Levy, D.; Holzer, Z.; Brosh, A.; Ilan, D. 
 World-rev-anim-prod v.27, p.15-20. (1992).
 Descriptor: beef-cattle; drinking-water; magnetic-field;
 fattening-performance; feed-intake; digestibility-;
 nitrogen-balance; friesian-; feed-conversion; depot-fat;
 liveweight-gain; carcass-weight; dressing-percentage; israel-
 NAL Call No.: 49-W89
 29. The performance of dairy cows offered drinking water of low
 or high salinity in a hot arid climate.
 Bahman, A. M.; Rooke, J. A.; Toops, J. H. 
 Anim-prod v.57, p.23-28. (1993).
 Descriptor: dairy-cows; drinking-water; salinity-;
 dairy-performance; feed-intake; consumption-; liveweight-gain;
 milk-yield; milk-composition; blood- plasma; minerals-;
 thyroid-hormones; arid-climate
 NAL Call No.: 49-An55
 30. Performance of high producing dairy cows offered drinking
 water of high and low salinity in the Arava Desert.
 Solomon, R.; Miron, J.; Ben Ghedalia, D.; Zomberg, Z. 
 J-dairy-sci v.78, p.620-624. (1995).
 Descriptor: dairy-cows; drinking-water; salinity-; water-intake;
 unrestricted-feeding; environmental-temperature; feed-intake;
 dry-matter; milk-yield; milk-fat-yield; milk-protein-yield;
 milk-fat-percentage; milk-protein-percentage; lactose-; wells-;
 brackish-water; israel-
 NAL Call No.: 44.8-J822
 31. Preliminary consideration on effect of seasonal adaptation on
 water drinking habit in growing calves.
 Sekine, J.; Oura, R.; Morooka, T.; Asahida, Y. 
 Asian-Australasian-J-Anim-Sci v.2, p. 269-270. (1989).
 Descriptor: calves-; water-intake; seasons-
 NAL Call No.: SF55.A78A7
 32. Questions and answers on beef cattle nutrition.
 Blasi, D. A.; Brazle, F. K.; Eck, T. P.; Bolze, R. P. Jr.; Corah,
 L. R.; Kuhl, G. L. 
 C-Kans-State-Univ-Coop-Ext-Serv. Manhattan, Kan. : The Service,
 1969-. June 1993. (733) 14 p. 
 Descriptor: beef-cattle; cattle-feeding; animal-nutrition;
 feed-grains; roughage-; forage-; quality-; baling-;
 silage-making; crude-protein; urea-; digestibility-; processing-;
 concentrates-; nutrient-requirements; vitamins-; minerals-;
 drinking-water; feed-additives; growth-promoters; feed-
 NAL Call No.: 275.29-K13Ex
 33. Research note: Effect of carbonated drinking water on
 production performance and bone characteristics of laying hens
 exposed to high  environmental temperatures.
 Koelkebeck, K. W.; Harrison, P. C.; Madindou, T. 
 Poultry-sci v.72, p.1800-1803. (1993).
 Descriptor: hens-; drinking-water; heat-stress; carbonation-;
 bone-strength; laying-performance; eggs-; specific-gravity; ph-;
 feed-intake; feed- conversion-efficiency; egg-weight
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-Am33P
 34. Research note: responses of laying hens on saline drinking
 water to dietary supplementation with various zinc compounds.
 Balnave, D.; Zhang, D. 
 Poult-Sci v.72, p.603-606. (1993).
 Descriptor: hens-; egg-shell-quality; saline-water;
 drinking-water; zinc-; egg-shell-defects;
 NAL Call No.: 47.8-AM33P
 35. Response of sheep to selective drinking of fresh and saline
 Assad, F.; Bayoumi, M. T. 
 World-Rev-Anim-Prod v.26, p.39-42. (1991).
 Descriptor: sheep-; drinking-water; salinity-; water-intake;
 salt-; blood-plasma; acetylcholinesterase-; enzyme-activity;
 blood-composition; egypt-
 NAL Call No.: 49-W89
 36. Responses in egg shell quality from dietary ascorbic acid
 supplementation of hens receiving saline drinking water.
 Balnave, D.; Zhang, D. 
 Aust-J-Agric-Res v.43, p.1259-1264. (1992).
 Descriptor: hens-; ascorbic-acid; feed-supplements; saline-water;
 drinking-water; egg-shell-quality
 NAL Call No.: 23-AU783
 37. The silt-free reservoir : a more reliable impoundment for
 providing drinking water to livestock and wildlife.
 Wood, S. D.; United States. Bureau of Land Management. 
 [Denver, Colo.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land
 Management, [1992] 13 p. : ill. (some col.) .
 Descriptor: Reservoirs-; Animal-feeding; Livestock-;
 Wildlife-management; Water-supply-
 NAL Call No.: TD395.W66-1992
 38. Water for dairy cattle: quality and cooling effect.
 Beede, D. K. 
 Ariz-Dairy-Newsl-Univ-Ariz-Coop-Ext-Serv p.2-11. (1991).
 Descriptor: dairy-cattle; water-quality; drinking-water
 NAL Call No.: SF196.U5A8
 39. Water for piglets and lactating sows: quantity, quality and
 Fraser, D.; Patience, J. F.; Phillips, P. A.; McLeese, J. M. 
 Recent-Adv-Anim-Nutr p.137-160. (1990).
 Descriptor: piglets-; sows-; drinking-water;
 NAL Call No.: SF95.R47
 40. The water requirement of growing-finishing pigs--theoretical
 and practical considerations.
 Brooks, P. H.; Carpenter, J. L. 
 Recent-Adv-Anim-Nutr p.115-136. (1990).
 Descriptor: pigs-; drinking-water; nutrient-requirements
 NAL Call No.: SF95.R47
 41. The water requirements of poultry.
 Bailey, M. 
 Recent-Adv-Anim-Nutr p.161-176. (1990).
 Descriptor: poultry-; drinking-water; nutrient-requirements
 NAL Call No.: SF95.R47
 42. Water: the neglected nutrient.
 Stockill, P. 
 Large-Anim-Vet-Covering-Health-Nutr v.46, p.31-32, 34. (1991).
 Descriptor: piglets-; pigs-; drinking-water; water-intake;
 flavor-enhancers; growth-rate
 NAL Call No.: SF740.A54

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