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Bioassessment of Water Resources (II)

 1990 - SEPTEMBER 1995 (majority of citations, there are some from
 the late 1970's and early 1980's)
 57 citations from AGRICOLA
 Diane Doyle
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 1.  Analysis of selected water quality factors in the upper St.
 Johns River basin : report to the St. Johns River Water
 Management District, Palatka.
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 "May, 1983.".
 Descriptors: Water-quality-Measurement; Water-Analysis;
 Water-Composition; Water-quality-bioassay-Florida-St;
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 2.  Aquatic life water quality screening values for chlorinated
 phenolic compounds.
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 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay; Chlorophenols-Toxicology;
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 3.  A benthic index of biotic integrity (B-IBI) for rivers of the
 Tennessee Valley.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: aquatic-insects; aquatic-organisms;
 species-diversity; community-ecology; freshwater-ecology;
 rivers-; streams-; indexes-; biota-; benthos-; water-pollution;
 water-quality; tennessee-
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 4.  Bioassessment of water resources: January 1985-December 1993.
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 5.  Biological conversion of poultry processing waste to single
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: poultry-; processing-; wastes-; prepared-foods;
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 biological-techniques; conversion-; single-cell-protein;
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 6.  Biological criteria : national program guidance for surface
 waters.  National program guidance for surface waters.
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 7.  Biological fixed-film systems.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: waste-treatment; biological-techniques; film-;
 systems-; bioreactors-; filters-; biofilms-; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: TD419.R47
 8.  Biological metric development for the assessment of nonpoint
 pollution in the Snake River ecoregion of Southern Idaho :
 1990-1991 final report.
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 University, 1991] 75 p. : ill., map.
 "23 April 1991.".
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Idaho;
 Water-quality-management-Idaho; Environmental-monitoring-Idaho
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 9.  Biological monitoring of aquatic systems.
 Loeb, S. L.; Spacie, A. 
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 Papers presented at a symposium held Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 1990, at
 Purdue University.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Congresses;
 NAL Call No.: QH96.8.B5B547--1994
 10.  Biological on-line monitoring for water pollution control. 
 Biomonitore in der Gewasseruberwachung.
 Pluta, H. J. 
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 Papaers presented at a conference held May 13-14, 1993.
 NAL Call No.: 449.9--V58-Nr.93
 11.  Biomonitoring.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-pollution; pollutants-; toxicity-;
 aquatic-plants; test-plants; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: TD419.R47
 12.  Biomonitoring and amelioration of nonpoint source pollution
 in some aquatic bodies.
 Chandra, P.; Tripathi, R. D.; Rai, U. N.; Sinha, S.; Garg, P. 
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 Paper presented at the IAWQ First International Conference on
 "Diffuse (Nonpoint).
 Descriptors: body-water; water-pollution; water-purification;
 aquatic-plants; orissa-; uttar-pradesh
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 Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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 14.  Biomonitoring of fish communities, using index of biotic
 integrity, as an indicator of the success of soil conservation
 measures in the Rabbit Creek and Middle Creek watersheds, Macon
 County, North Carolina : report to Macon County Soil Conservation
 Western North Carolina Alliance. 
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 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Stream-ecology-North-Carolina-Macon-County;
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 16.  Biomonitoring of zoobenthos in selected sites of the Elbe. 
 Biomonitoring des Zoobenthons an ausgewahlten Standorten in der
 Elbe : Voruntersuchungen zur ortlichen und zeitlichen
 Variabilitat einschliesslich Bilddokumentation.
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 Descriptors: Benthos-Elbe-River-Czech-Republic-and-Germany
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 17.  Chemical species.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-pollution; pollutants-; analytical-methods;
 biological-techniques; literature-reviews
 NAL Call No.: TD419.R47
 18.  Clean water and thriving farms : mutual goals in sustainable
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 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Sustainable-agriculture-Middle-West;
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 19.  Computer modeling applications in environmental assessments:
 predicting movement of pesticides into drinking water.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: pesticides-; drinking-water; groundwater-;
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 20.  An economic analysis of recreational fishing and
 environmental quality changes in the upper Oldman River basin.
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. 47-49).
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 21.  Environmental assessments for effective water quality
 management planning.  Water quality management planning.
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 At head of title: Water quality management planning.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-management-United-States
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 22.  Environmental health impact assessment of irrigated
 agricultural development projects : guidelines and
 recommendations : final report.
 World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. 
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 Cover title.
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 23.  Escherichia coli and fecal-coliform bacteria as indicators
 of recreational water quality.  Escherichia coli and fecal
 coliform bacteria as indicators of recreational water quality.
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 Division of Sewerage and Drainage. 
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 Shipping list no.: 93-0550-P.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Ohio-Measurement;
 Water-Microbiology-Ohio; Escherichia-coli-Ohio
 NAL Call No.: GB701.W375-no.93-4083
 24.  Evaluation of Biolog MT plates for aromatic and
 chloroaromatic substrate utilization tests.
 Fulthorpe, R. R.; Allen, D. G. 
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: acinetobacter-; pseudomonas-; klebsiella-;
 alcaligenes-; aromatic-compounds; organochlorine-compounds;
 microbial-degradation; screening-; culture-collections;
 waste-water-treatment; pulp-mill-effluent; toxicity-;
 tetrazolium-dyes; gram-negative-bacteria; colorimetry-;
 biological-techniques; comamonas-acidovorans;
 anacylobacter-aquaticus; chloroaromatiac-compounds;
 NAL Call No.: 448.8-C162
 25.  Farm-level economic analysis incorporating stochastic
 environmental risk assessment.
 Teague, M. L.; Bernardo, D. J.; Mapp, H. P. 
 Am-j-agric-econ v.77, p.8-19. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-quality; farm-income;
 environmental-protection; risk-; agricultural-production;
 nitrates-; pesticides-; percolation-; runoff-; motad-;
 regulation-; stochastic-processes; indexes-; oklahoma-;
 Abstract: A farm-level risk programming framework is presented
 which evaluates income/environmental risk tradeoffs. This
 framework uses a time-series of environmental risk indices to
 incorporate the stochastics, multiattribute characteristics of
 environmental outcomes associated with agricultural production
 practice. The model is applied to a representative farm in the
 Oklahoma Panhandle region of the Central High Plains. Results
 indicate that expected income is sensitive to nitrate loading
 restrictions, and relatively less sensitive to pesticide loading
 restrictions. Results also indicate that prescriptions derived
 using deterministic environmental risk measures may ignore
 significant probabilities of exceeding an environmental standard.
 NAL Call No.: 280.8-J822
 26.  Feasibility of using an index of biotic integrity (IBI)
 approach for synthesizing data from a Maryland biological stream
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 "December 1992.".
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 27.  Field scale testing of a hyperfiltration unit for removal of
 creosote and pentachlorophenol from ground water: chemical and
 biological assessment.
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 Includes references.
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 28.  Field-scale testing of a two-stage bioreactor for removal of
 creosote and pentachlorophenol from ground water: chemical and
 biological assessment.
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 public perceptions.
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 Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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 assessment for Woodstock, Illinois : a case study.
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 ill. (some col.), maps  1 folded map..
 Includes bibliographical references (p. 26-27).
 Descriptors: Aquifers-Illinois-Woodstock;
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 33.  Great Lakes environment assessment. New York, N.Y. :
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 Cover title.
 NAL Call No.: TD899.P3N34--no.662
 34.  Ground water.
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 Shipping list no.: 94-0400-P.
 Descriptors: Groundwater-United-States; Aquifers-United-States;
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 35.  Ground-water quality at the management systems evaluation
 area near Princeton, Minnesota, 1991-92.  Ground water quality at
 the management systems evaluation area near Princeton, Minnesota,
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 Mounds View, Minn. : U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources
 Division ; St. Paul, Minn. : University of Minnesota, Dept. of
 Soil Science, 1993. 1 sheet : ill..
 Author statement from p. [2].
 NAL Call No.: TD224.M6G76--1993
 36.  Groundwater ecology.
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 col.), maps.
 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Groundwater-ecology; Groundwater-; Aquifers-;
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 37.  Guidelines for the processing and quality assurance of
 benthic invertebrate samples collected as part of the National
 Water-Quality Assessment Program.
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 Geological Survey (U.S.). 
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 aquatic pollutants.
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 T.; Wagner, E. 
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-pollution; pollutants-; nicotiana-tabacum;
 cell-membranes; ions-; phytotoxicity-; damage-; measurement-;
 monitoring-; cell-suspensions; water-pollutants; biomonitoring-
 NAL Call No.: RA1270.P35A1
 40.  Metal biomonitoring with mosses: procedures for correcting
 for soil contamination.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: mosses-; heavy-metals; metallic-elements;
 pollutants-; concentration-; biological-indicators; monitoring-;
 pollution-; italy-; antarctica-
 NAL Call No.: QH545.A1E52
 41.  Methods for collecting algal samples as part of the National
 Water-Quality Assessment Program.
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. 36-39).
 Descriptors: National-Water-Quality-Assessment-Program-U; S;
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 Agricultural Engineers,. Summer 1992. (922041) 42 p. 
 Paper presented at the "1992 International Summer Meeting
 sponsored by The American Society of Agricultural Engineers,"
 June 21-24, 1992, Charlotte, North Carolina.
 Descriptors: water-management; cropping-systems
 NAL Call No.: 290.9-Am32P
 43.  The need of biological assessment of water quality:
 Australian perspective.
 Norris, R. H.; Norris, K. R. 
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 In the special issue; Use of biota to assess water quality /
 edited by R.H. Norris, B.T. Hart, M. Finlayson and K.R. Norris.
 Descriptors: water-pollution; water-quality; indicator-species;
 algae-; aquatic-insects; biological-indicators; australia-;
 NAL Call No.: QH540.A8
 44.  Preliminary study on mercury uptake by Rosmarinus
 officinalis L. (rosemary) in a mining area (Mt. Amiata, Italy).
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: rosmarinus-officinalis; mercury-; uptake-; soil-;
 air-; soil-pollution; air-pollution; mined-land;
 geographical-distribution; plant-composition; monitoring-;
 tuscany-; bioaccumulation-; biomonitoring-
 NAL Call No.: RA1270.P35A1
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 Standardization of aquatic toxicity tests.
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Standards-Congresses;
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 46.  Refinement of biological metrics in the development of
 biological criteria for regional biomonitoring and assessment of
 small streams in Idaho : 1991-1992 : final report.
 Robinson, C. T.; Minshall, G. W. 
 Pocatello, Idaho : Stream Ecology Center, Dept. of Biological
 Sciences, Idaho State University, [1992] iv, 100 p. : ill., maps.
 "March 1992.".
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Idaho;
 NAL Call No.: QH96.8.B5R65-1992
 47.  Regional assessment and mapping of groundwater vulnerability
 to contamination.
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 Environ-geol v.25, p.225-231. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: groundwater-pollution; contamination-;
 water-quality; environmental-assessment; mapping-; methodology-
 Abstract: In many regions the use of groundwater for water supply
 is limited by the increase in contamination of aquifers. The
 problem of contamination requires the development of new
 approaches in assessing areas in which groundwater is vulnerable
 to contamination. A brief analysis of the present day level of
 methods for regional evaluation and mapping of areas in which
 groundwater is vulnerable is presented.
 NAL Call No.: QE1.E5
 48.  A review of Lake Ontario water quality with emphasis on the
 1981-1982 intensive years : a report to the Surveillance Working
 Stevens, R. R.; Great Lakes Water Quality Board. Surveillance
 Working Group. 
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. [1]-[20] (3rd group)).
 Descriptors: Water-quality-Ontario,-Lake-N; Y; -and-Ont;
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 49.  A review of whole organism bioassays for assessing the
 quality of soil, freshwater sediment, and freshwater in Canada.
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 and Interpretation Branch. Criteria for Contaminated Sites. 
 Ottawa : Environment Canada, Ecosystem Conservation Directorate,
 Evaluation and Interpretation Branch, 1994. xi, 185 p. : ill..
 Issued also in French under title: Examen des biotests effectues
 sur des organismes entiers pour l'evaluation de la qualite des
 sols, des sediments et des eaux douces au Canada.
 Descriptors: Biological-assay; Water-quality-bioassay-Canada;
 Soils-Canada-Testing; Soil-pollution-Canada
 NAL Call No.: TD182.K43--1994
 50.  Selected tools and techniques for physical and biological
 monitoring of aquatic dredged material disposal sites.
 Fredette, T. J.; Dredging Operations Technical Support Program
 (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station. Environmental
 [Vicksburg, Miss. : U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment
 Station ; Springfield, Va. : Available from National Technical
 Information Service, 1990] 65, [37] p. : ill..
 "September 1990." Sotler, James E. Clausner, Edward B. Hands,
 Fred J. Anders.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-Measurement;
 Dredging-spoil-Environmental-aspects; Water-quality-bioassay;
 NAL Call No.: TC187.S44--1990
 51.  Snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) as biomonitors of
 lead contamination of the Big River in Missouri's old lead belt.
 Overmann, S. R.; Krajicek, J. J. 
 Environ-toxicol-chem v.14, p.689-695. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: chelydra-serpentina; lead-; pollutants-;
 concentration-; animal-tissues; porphobilinogen-synthase;
 enzyme-activity; hematocrit-; hemoglobin-; blood-plasma;
 glucose-; osmolarity-; chloride-; biological-indicators;
 monitoring-; water-pollution; rivers-
 Abstract: The usefulness of common snapping turtles (Chelydra
 serpentina) as biomonitors of lead (Pb) contamination of aquatic
 ecosystems was assessed. Thirty-seven snapping turtles were
 collected from three sites on the Big River, an Ozarkian stream
 contaminated with Pb mine tailings. Morphometric measurements,
 tissue Pb concentrations (muscle, blood, bone, carapace, brain,
 and Over), delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (delta-ALAD)
 activity, hematocrit, hemoglobin, plasma glucose, osmolality, and
 chloride ion content were measured. The data showed no effects of
 Pb contamination on capture success or morphological
 measurements. Tissue Pb concentrations were related to capture
 location. Hematocrit, plasma osmolality, plasma glucose, and
 plasma chloride ion content were not significantly different with
 respect to capture location. The delta-ALAD activity levels were
 decreased in turtles taken from contaminated sites. Lead levels
 in the Big River do not appear to be adversely affecting the
 snapping turtles of the river. Chelydra serpentina is a useful
 species for biomonitoring of Pb-contaminated aquatic
 NAL Call No.: QH545.A1E58
 52.  Sound gardening.  Gardening with an eye on water quality.
 Cornell Cooperative Extension. 
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 Univ. of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System, [1991] 10
 pamphlets : ill..
 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Gardening-Environmental-aspects-New-York;
 Water-quality-Environmental-aspects-Long-Island-Sound-N; Y;
 -and-Conn; Long-Island-Sound-N; Y; -and-Conn
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 53.  Stream bottom samples (macroinvertebrate) from water quality
 trend stations, 1978 and 1979.
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 Environment, [1979?] 29 p. : 1 ill..
 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Water-quality-bioassay-Idaho; Benthos-;
 NAL Call No.: QH96.8.B5B38-1979
 54.  USDA's Water Quality Program-environmentally sound
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