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Risk Assessment and Communication Related to Water Resources (II)

 1988 - DECEMBER 1995
 64 citations from AGRICOLA
 Diane Doyle
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 Risk Assessment and Communication Related to Water
 Resources (II)
 1. Agrochemical environmental fate : state of the art.
 Leng, M. L.;  Leovey, E. M. K.;  Zubkoff, P. L.; American
 Chemical Society. Division of Agrochemicals. 
 Boca Raton : Lewis Publishers, c1995. 410 p. : ill..
 Includes papers from a symposium entitled Regulation of
 Agrochemical Environmental Fate in the 1990s, held in Washington,
 D.C., August 1992, sponsored by the Agrochemicals Division of the
 American Chemical Society.
 NAL Call No.: TD196.A34A37--1995
 2. Anticipated soil selenium concentrations at Kesterson
 Benson, S.;  Tokunaga, T. K.; Zawislanski, P. 
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 Laboratory, University of California, [1992] 69 p. : ill..
 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Soil-pollution-California-Kesterson-Reservoir;
 NAL Call No.: TD878.B46--1992
 3. Aquatic mesocosm studies in ecological risk assessment.
 Graney, R. L.;  Kennedy, J. H. 1.; Rodgers, J. H. J. H. 1. 
 Boca Raton : Lewis Publishers, c1994. 723 p. : ill..
 "A symposium ... held at the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society
 of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, in Arlington, Virginia
 in November of 1990"--Chapter 1, introd.
 Descriptors: Ecological-risk-assessment-Congresses;
 NAL Call No.: QH541.15.R57A68--1994
 4. Assessing human health risks of chemicals : derivation of
 guidance values for health-based exposure limits.
 United Nations Environment Programme. 
 Geneva : World Health Organization, 1994. 73 p. : ill..
 Includes bibliographical references (p. 48-51).
 Descriptors: Hazardous-substances-Risk-assessment
 NAL Call No.: RA565.A1E63--no.170
 5. Assessing nonpoint-source pollution risk: a GIS application.
 Lull, K. J.; Tindall, J. A.; Potts, D. F. 
 J-for v.93, p.35-40. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-pollution; risk-;
 geographical-information-systems; land-use; watersheds-;
 montana-; risk-assessment
 NAL Call No.: 99.8-F768
 6. Assessing risk for water harvesting systems in arid
 Cohen, I. S.; Lopes, V. L.; Slack, D. C.; Yanez, C. H. 
 J-soil-water-conserv v.50, p.446-449. (1995).
 In the special issue: Water research and management in semiarid
 Descriptors: water-harvesting; arid-zones; risk-; assessment-;
 simulation-models; stochastic-models
 NAL Call No.:  56.8-J822
 7. Biomarkers and risk assessment : concepts and principles.
 World Health Organization. 
 Geneva : World Health Organization, 1993. 82 p. : ill..
 "Published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations
 Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and
 the World Health Organization.".
 8. Choices in risk assessment : the role of science policy in the
 environmental risk management process.  Role of science policy in
 the environmental risk management process.
 Regulatory Impact Analysis Project, I. E. S. a. H. 
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 Descriptors: Hazardous-wastes-United-States-Management;
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 9. Computer-assisted evaluation of the economic impact of
 cancellation of pesticide registrations.
 Bailey, J. E.; Tilmon, H. D.; Toth, S. J.; Phipps, P. M. 
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 Oct 1991. v. 75 (10) p. 1077-1080. 
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: pesticides-; carbofuran-; nematicides-;
 economic-impact; computer-analysis; computer-software; risk-;
 public-agencies; arachis-hypogaea; plant-parasitic-nematodes;
 north-carolina; furdan-assessment; risk-benefit-analysis;
 NAL Call No.: 1.9-P69P
 10. A conceptual model for ecological risk assessment of
 bottomland hardwood forests.
 Vellidis, G.; Lowrance, R. 
 Pap-Am-Soc-Agric-Eng. St. Joseph, Mich. : American Society of
 Agricultural Engineers,. Winter 1993. (93-2574) 23 p. 
 Paper presented at the "1993 International Winter Meeting
 sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers,"
 December 14-17, Chicago, Illinois.
 Descriptors: hardwoods-; bottomland-forests; forest-ecology;
 risk-; assessment-; water-quality; models-; georgia-
 NAL Call No.: 290.9-Am32P
 11. Contaminants in the environment : a multidisciplinary
 assessment of risks to man and other organisms.
 Renzoni, A. 
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Environmental-risk-assessment;
 NAL Call No.: GE145.C66--1994
 12. Ecological risk assessment for river sediments contaminated
 by creosote.
 Pastorok, R. A.; Peek, D. C.; Sampson, J. R.; Jacobson, M. A. 
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 Paper presented at the symposium, "New Approaches in Risk
 Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis," November 8-12, 1992,
 Cincinnati, Ohio.
 Descriptors: creosote-; contamination-; water-pollution; rivers-;
 sediment-; contaminants-; exposure-; toxicity-; bioassays-;
 crayfish-; freshwater-fishes; concentration-; risk-;
 pacifastacus-leniusculus; catastomus-macrocheilus
 NAL Call No.: QH545.A1E58
 13. Ecological standards for eutrophication and desiccation:
 perspectives for a risk assessment.
 Latour, J. B.; Reiling, R.; Slooff, W. 
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: grasslands-; air-pollution; soil-pollution;
 nitrogen-; deposition-; acid-deposition; acidification-;
 eutrophication-; desiccation-; groundwater-level; risk-;
 water-stress; environmental-impact; simulation-models;
 NAL Call No.: TD172.W36
 14. Ecotoxicology of organic contaminants.
 Bacci, E. 
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Environmental-risk-assessment;
 NAL Call No.: GE145.B33--1994
 15. Environmental toxicology and risk assessment.
 Landis, W. G.;  Hughes, J. S. 1.; Lewis, M. A. M. A. 1. 
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 "February 1993"--T.p. verso. and Risk Assessment held in Atlantic
 City, N.J., 14-16 April, 1991.
 Descriptors: Pollution-Environmental-aspects;
 Health-risk-assessment; Environmental-health
 NAL Call No.: RA566.27.E587-1993
 16. EPA toxic substances program : long-standing information
 planning problems must be addressed : report to the Chairman,
 Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee,
 Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives. 
 Long-standing information planning problems must be addressed.
 United States. General Accounting Office. Operations.
 Environment, E. a. N. R. S. 
 Washington, D.C. : The Office ; Gaithersburg, MD (P.O. Box 6015,
 Gaithersburg 20884-6015) : The Office [distributor, 1993] 36 p. :
 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Environmental-health-United-States;
 NAL Call No.: RA1196.U57--1993
 17. Evaluating the chemical movement in layered soil model as a
 tool for assessing risk of pesticide leaching to groundwater.
 Nofziger, D. L.; Chen, J. S.; Haan, C. T. 
 J-environ-sci-health,-Part-A,-Environ-sci-eng v.A29, p.1133-1155.
 Special Issue on the Evaluation and Comparison of Pesticide
 Descriptors: pesticides-; leaching-; simulation-models;
 soil-properties; groundwater-pollution; risk-; cmls-model
 NAL Call No.: TD172.J6
 18. Farm-level economic analysis incorporating stochastic
 environmental risk assessment.
 Teague, M. L.; Bernardo, D. J.; Mapp, H. P. 
 Am-j-agric-econ v.77, p.8-19. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: water-quality; farm-income;
 environmental-protection; risk-; agricultural-production;
 nitrates-; pesticides-; percolation-; runoff-; motad-;
 regulation-; stochastic-processes; indexes-; oklahoma-;
 Abstract: A farm-level risk programming framework is presented
 which evaluates income/environmental risk tradeoffs. This
 framework uses a time-series of environmental risk indices to
 incorporate the stochastics, multiattribute characteristics of
 environmental outcomes associated with agricultural production
 practice. The model is applied to a representative farm in the
 Oklahoma Panhandle region of the Central High Plains. Results
 indicate that expected income is sensitive to nitrate loading
 restrictions, and relatively less sensitive to pesticide loading
 restrictions. Results also indicate that prescriptions derived
 using deterministic environmental risk measures may ignore
 significant probabilities of exceeding an environmental standard.
 NAL Call No.: 280.8-J822
 19. The future of ecological risk assessment.
 Lackey, R. T. 
 Northwest-sci v.69, p.171-174. (1995).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: environmental-assessment; analysis-; risk-;
 philosophy-; decision-making
 NAL Call No.: 470-N81
 20. Genotoxic risk assessment of drinking water consumed in the
 city of Tehran, Iran.
 Sabouni, F.; Zia'ee, A. A. 
 Arch-environ-contam-toxicol. New York, Springer-Verlag. Apr 1995.
 v. 28 (3) p. 391-395. 
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: drinking-water; urban-areas; contaminants-;
 toxicity-; chromosome-aberrations; fibroblasts-; in-vitro;
 toxicity-; public-health; risk-; iran-
 NAL Call No.: TD172.A7
 21. Guide to environmental issues.
 Pangman, J. K.; United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
 Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. 
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 Waste and Emergency Response : [For sale by the U.S. G.P.O.,
 Supt. of Docs., 1994]. 84 p. ill..
 "This ... was based in concept and format on Citizens' Guide for
 Environmental Issues - A Handbook for Cultivating Dialogue by the
 National Institute for Chemical Studies and U.S. EPA, 1989 and
 Descriptors: Environmental-protection-United-States-Miscellanea;
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 "This ... was based in concept and format on Citizens' Guide for
 Environmental Issues - A Handbook for Cultivating Dialogue by the
 National Institute for Chemical Studies and U.S. EPA, 1989 and
 Descriptors: Environmental-protection-United-States-Miscellanea;
 NAL Call No.:  TD180.G85--1995
 23. Guidelines for risk and uncertainty analysis in water
 resources planning.
 Water Resources Support Center (U.S.). 
 Fort Belvoir, Va. : The Institute, 1992. 2 v. (various pagings) :
 ill., charts.
 Bibliography: p. A-1--A-6.  v.1. Principles, with technical
 appendices -- v.2 Examples.
 Descriptors: Risk-assessment;
 NAL Call No.: GB661.2.G84--1992
 24. Handbook of ecotoxicology.
 Calow, P. 
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 Includes bibliographical references and indexes.  Vol.1. 1993.
 Descriptors: Pollution-Environmental-aspects;
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 25. Handbook of ecotoxicology.  Ecotoxicology.
 Hoffman, D. J. D. J. 1. 
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Pollution-Environmental-aspects;
 Pollutants-Toxicology; Environmental-risk-assessment
 NAL Call No.: QH545.A1H364--1995
 26. Health assessment guidance manual : draft : comment period
 ends : October 31, 1990.  ATSDR health assessment guidance.
 United States. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. 
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 for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, [1990] 1 v. (various
 pagings) : ill., maps.
 Cover title.
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 27. Integrating water quality modeling with ecological risk
 assessment for nonpoint source pollution control: a conceptual
 Chen, Y. D.; McCutcheon, S. C.; Rasmussen, T. C.; Nutter, W. L.;
 Carsel, R. F. 
 Water-sci-technol v.28, p.431-440. (1993).
 Paper presented at the IAWQ First International Conference on
 "Diffuse (Nonpoint) Pollution: Sources, Prevention, Impact,
 Abatement." September 19-24, 1993, Chicago, Illinois.
 Descriptors: water-quality; protection-; pollution-control;
 ecology-; risk-; assessment-; models-; usa-;
 NAL Call No.: TD420.A1P7
 28. The interplay of science and values in assessing
 environmental risks.
 Lynn, F. M. 
 1983. i, 208 p. : ill..
 Thesis (Dr.P.H.)--University of North Carolina, 1983.
 Descriptors: Health-risk-assessment-United-States;
 NAL Call No.: DISS--84-06,967
 29. Land application of sewage sludge: scientific perspectives of
 heavy metal loading limits in Europe and the United States.
 McGrath, S. P.; Chang, A. C.; Page, A. L.; Witter, E. 
 Environ-rev v.2, p.91-107. (1994).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: sewage-sludge; application-to-land; heavy-metals;
 concentration-; agricultural-land; waste-disposal;
 waste-treatment; toxicology-; risk-; pollution-;
 pollution-control; literature-reviews; western-europe; usa-;
 risk-assessment; risk-analysis
 NAL Call No.: GE140.E59
 30. Managing ecological risks at EPA : issues and recommendations
 for progress.
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 Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection
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 Shipping list no.: 94-0417-P.
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 31. Measuring perceived and acceptable risk : an application of
 survey approaches.
 Gough, J. D. 
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 Management, [1991] 59 p..
 "June 1991.".
 Descriptors: Risk-assessment; Environmental-policy
 NAL Call No.: HC79.E5G67--1991
 32. Mercury in soils and crops from fields receiving high
 cumulative sewage sludge applications: validation of U. S. EPA's
 risk assessment for human ingestion.
 Granato, T. C.; Pietz, R. I.; Gschwind, J.; Lue Hing, C. 
 Water-air-soil-pollut v.80, p.1119-1127. (1995).
 In the special issue: Mercury as a global pollutant / edited by
 D. Porcella, J. Huckabee and B. Wheatley.  Whistler, Canada.
 Descriptors: mercury-; contamination-; sewage-sludge;
 application-to-land; organic-amendments; uptake-; zea-mays;
 triticum-aestivum; reclamation-; coal-mined-land; risk-;
 public-agencies; illinois-; environmental-protection-agency
 NAL Call No.:  TD172.W36
 33. National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Assessment.
 Geter, W. F.; Plotkin, S.; Bagdon, J. K.; Hesketh, E. S. 
 Proceedings of Industrial and Agricultural Impacts on the
 Hydrologic Environment  the Second USA/CIS Joint Conference on
 Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology / USA/CIS Joint
 Conference on Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology.
 Alexandria, VA : Water Environment Federation, c1993.. v. 2 p.
 Title on cover : Environmental impact of agricultural practices
 and agrichemicals / edited by Y. Eckstein and A. Zaporozec.
 Descriptors: pesticides-; risk-; assessment-;
 environmental-protection; toxicity-; databases-; models-;
 pollution-control; usa-; national-agricultural-pesticide-risk;
 assessment-project; computer-models; pesticide-use-alternatives;
 NAL Call No.: GB652.U82-1993
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 Calabrese, E. J. 1.; Baldwin, L. A. 
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. 242-244) and index.
 Descriptors: Ecological-risk-assessment
 NAL Call No.: QH541.15.R57C34--1993
 35. Pollutants in groundwater: risk assessment.
 McLaughlin, R. A.; Genter, M. B.; Cook, M. G.; Zublena, J. P. 
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 In the subseries: Soil Facts.
 Descriptors: groundwater-; chemicals-; risk-; pollutants-;
 toxicity-; groundwater-pollution; health-hazards; exposure-;
 assessment-; north-carolina
 NAL Call No.:  S544.3.N6N62
 36. Pollutants in groundwater: risk assessment.  Toxicological
 risk assessment distortions.
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 In the subseries: SoilFacts.  Includes references.
 Descriptors: groundwater-; water-pollution; chemicals-; risk-;
 regulations-; pollutants-; toxicity-; north-carolina; pollution-;
 risk-; assessment-; health-hazards
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Pollution-Risk-assessment; Environmental-monitoring
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 38. Probabilistic risk assessment for dairy waste management
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 Paper presented at the "1993 International Summer Meeting
 sponsored by The American Society of Agricultural Engineers and
 The Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering," June 20-23,
 1993, Spokane, Washington.
 Descriptors: dairy-wastes; risk-; waste-disposal
 NAL Call No.: 290.9-Am32P
 39. Proposal on a standardized water risk assessment of toxic
 substance in soil.
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: toxic-substances; pollutants-; polluted-soils;
 risk-; groundwater-pollution; screening-;
 physicochemical-properties; groundwater-flow; transport-processes
 NAL Call No.: TD172.C54
 40. The re-use of contaminated land : a handbook of risk
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. [212]-216) and index.
 Descriptors: Soil-pollution-Environmental-aspects;
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 Descriptors: Health-risk-assessment-Handbooks,-manuals,-etc;
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 "April 1994." Walter ; edited by Martha L. Walter"--P. [2] of
 cover. Michigan Sea Grant College Program under grant number
 NA89AA-D-SG083 from the Office of Sea Grant, National Oceanic &
 Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Department of Commerce
 and funds from the State of Michigan"--P. [2] of cover.
 Descriptors: Journalism,-Medical-Handbooks,-manuals,-etc;
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 United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment. 
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 44 p. : ill..
 Shipping list no.: 93-0702-P.
 Descriptors: Health-risk-assessment-Research-United-States;
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 44. Risk as a criterion for determining environmental policy
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 Canterbury, [New Zealand] : Centre for Resource Management,
 [1992] ii, 84 p..
 "August 1992.".
 Descriptors: Environmental-policy;
 NAL Call No.: HC79.E5G68--1992
 45. Risk assessment and communication related to water resources:
 January 1985-Dec 1993.
 Makuch, J.; Emmert, B. 
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 Library. Apr 1994. (94-27) 40 p. 
 Descriptors: water-resources; environmental-impact;
 environmental-impact-reporting; wastes-; public-health; risk-;
 NAL Call No.: aZ5071.N3
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 fuzzy composite programming.
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 Paper presented at the 1993 International Winter Meeting
 sponsored by The American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Dec
 14-17, 1993, Chicago, Illinois.
 Descriptors: landfills-; health-hazards; risk-;
 environmental-assessment; analysis-; fuzzy-logic-analysis;
 NAL Call No.: 290.9-Am32P
 47. Risk assessment health-environment : a research programme
 during the period 1992/93-1994/95.  Risk assessment health
 Sweden. Statens naturvardsverk. 
 [Solna, Sweden : Swedish Environmental Protection Agency,
 Information Department, 1992] 27 p..
 Cover title.
 Descriptors: Air-Pollution-Sweden;
 NAL Call No.:  RA566.5.S8R57--1992
 48. Risk assessment methods : approaches for assessing health and
 environmental risks.
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 Includes bibliographical references (p. 267-288) and index.
 Descriptors: Health-risk-assessment-Methodology;
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 49. Risk assessment of hazardous chemical systems in developing
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 Environment and Policy Institute, 1988. x, 140 p. : ill..
 "This report is based on the Workshop on Risk Assessment of
 Hazardous Chemicals in Developing Countries held at the East-West
 Center, 6-24 July 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii.".
 NAL Call No.: GE190.A78O33--no.5
 50. Risk assessment of organophosphorus pesticide dietary intake
 for the population of the city of Rome (Italy).
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 Includes references.
 Descriptors: organophosphorus-pesticides; pesticide-residues;
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 51. Risk assessment, strategies, and pollution prevention :
 papers from the 9th World Clean Air Congress, Towards the year
 2000--critical issues in the global environment, Montreal,
 Quebec, Canada, August 30-September 4, 1992.  Evaluation des
 risques a la sante, strategies, et prevention de la pollution.
 World Clean Air Congress (9th : 1992 : Montreal, Q. 
 Pittsburgh, Pa. (P.O. Box 2862, Pittsburgh 15230) : Air & Waste
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 English or French. strategies, et prevention de la pollution.
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 dynamic world.  Ecosystem management: imperative for a dynamic
 United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Ecological
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 Science Advisory Board, 1995. 1 v. (various pagings).
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 Descriptors: Ecological-risk-assessment-United-States
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 58. Superfund : improved reviews and guidance could reduce
 inconsistencies in risk assessments : report to Congressional
 requesters.  Improved reviews and guidance could reduce
 inconsistencies in risk assessments.
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 Cover title.
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 59. Taking the environment seriously.
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Environmental-policy-United-States;
 NAL Call No.: GE180.T35--1993
 60. Toxicity of the blue-green alga (cyanobacterium)
 Microcystisaeruginosa in drinking water to growing pigs, as an
 animal model for human injury and risk assessment.
 Falconer, I. R.; Burch, M. D.; Steffensen, D. A.; Choice, M.;
 Coverdale, O. R. 
 Environ-toxicol-water-qual v.9, p.131-139. (1994).
 Includes references.
 Descriptors: microcystis-aeruginosa; hepatotoxins-;
 drinking-water; toxicity-; risk-; animal-models; pigs-; man-
 Abstract: Hepatotoxins from blue-green algae are increasingly
 recognized as a potential hazard in drinking water supplies.  The
 clinical consequences of ingestion include acute or chronic liver
 injury, with the possibility of enhanced susceptibility to, and
 growth of, liver tumors.  To establish guidelines for water
 safety requires the demonstration of dose-dependent effects of
 toxicity and experimental determination of maximum
 "no-adverse-effect levels." This paper describes the use of
 growing pigs as a model for human injury resulting from
 Microcystis toxins in drinking water.  Risk assessment
 calculations using a series of safety factors are carried out,
 resulting in a guideline level after incorporating an additional
 safety factor for tumor promotion of approximately 1.0 microgram
 toxins/L. With the Microcystis used for this trial, that
 concentration corresponds to 5000 cells/mL.
 NAL Call No.: RA1221.T69
 61. Toxicology and risk assessment.
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 In the series analytic: Environmental epidemiology: effects of
 environmental chemicals on human health / edited by W.M. Draper.
 Descriptors: toxicology-; environmental-assessment; risk-;
 health-hazards; responses-; exposure-;
 structure-activity-relationships; dose-responses
 Abstract: Toxicology and epidemiology are inextricably linked in
 recognizing and regulating chemical hazards. Although
 epidemiological studies are widely appreciated as the "gold
 standard" in human health risk assessment, for ethical reasons it
 is often impossible or unacceptable to base risk management
 decisions on human epidemiological data alone. The toxicological
 sciences identify potential hazards to human health by using
 experimental animal models, which act as surrogates to humans.
 This review provides an overview of toxicological risk assessment
 and its four principal components: hazard identification,
 dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, and risk
 characterization. The contrast between risk characterization for
 threshold toxicants and that for nonthreshold toxicants, a major
 distinction in regulatory toxicology, is considered. Reliance on
 new and more sophisticated scientific tools at each stage of risk
 assessment continues to strengthen the scientific basis of the
 NAL Call No.: 381-Ad93
 62. Use of mechanistic information in risk assessment :
 proceedings of the 1993 EUROTOX Congress meeting held in Uppsala,
 Sweden, June 30-July 3, 1993.
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 Congress (1993 : Uppsala, S. 
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 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 Descriptors: Toxicity-testing-Congresses;
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 assessment, toxicology, and risk assessment.
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 64. Worst things first? : the debate over risk-based national
 environmental priorities.
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 Papers presented at a conference held from November 15 to 17,
 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland.  Should we-and can we-reduce the
 worst risks first? / Adam M. Finkel -- Rationalism and
 redemocratization: time for a truce / Alice M. Rivlin -- EPA's
 vision for setting national environmental priorities / F. Henry
 Habicht II -- An overview of risk-based priority setting at EPA /
 Charles W. Kent, Frederick W. Allen -- Integrating science,
 values, and democracy through comparative risk asessment /
 Jonathan Lash -- A proposal to address, rather than rank,
 environmental problems / Mary O'Brien. too much? / Dale Hattis,
 Robert L. Goble -- Quantitative risk.
 NAL Call No.: GE145.W67--1994

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