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Citizen Participation and Water Quality

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Citizens, farmers, and other water users all have roles to play concerning water quality, both passively and actively. Citizens participate in water monitoring programs, water conservation, and serve as advisors to decision makers. Farmers also modify th eir behaviors to safeguard water resources. These citations highlight resources, research and tools available on citizen or public particpation in water quality issues.

This electronic bibliography is intended primarily to provide awareness of recent investigations and discussions of a topic and is not intended to be in-depth and exhaustive. The inclusion or omission of a particular publication or citation should not be construed as endorsement or disapproval. Citations are arranged alphabetically by title and abstracts are included where available. All citations are in English unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Awareness of operation future among landowner-operators in the Darby Creek watershed of Ohio.
    Napier, T. L. and Johnson, E. J.
    J soil water conserv. 53: 4 pp.353-357. (1998).
    NAL Call #: 56.8-J822

    Descriptors: soil-conservation, water-conservation, watersheds, agricultural-land, voluntary-services, programs, program-effectiveness, diffusion-of-information, social-participation, farmers'-attitudes, regional-surveys, Ohio.

  2. Broadening participation in integrated catchment management for sustainable water resources development.
    Maaren, H. and Dent, M.
    River basin management for sustainable development proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on River Basin Management, held in Kruger National Park, South Africa, 15-17 May, 1995. International Symposium on River Basin Management. 1st ed. Oxf ord ; New York : Pergamon Press, 1995. p. 161-167.
    NAL Call #: TD420.A1P7-v.32,-no.5-6

    Descriptors: water-resources, water-management, resource-development, community-involvement, participative-management, computer-software, watersheds.

  3. A citizen's guide to clean water.
    Barth, Carole Ann. and Izaak Walton League of America.
    Arlington, Va.: The League, 1990. 50 p.
    NAL Call #: TD420.I92--1990

    Descriptors: Water-Pollution, Citizen-participation, Public-relations, Water-pollution-control.

  4. A citizen's guide to lake watershed surveys : how to conduct a nonpoint source phosphorus survey.
    Williams, Scott. and Congress of Lake Associations. Maine. Dept. of Environmental Protection.
    Yarmouth, Me. : Congress of Lake Associations ; Augusta, Me. : Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection, [1992] iii, 65, 2, 1, 7, 1 p. : ill., maps.
    NAL Call #: TD224.M2C57--1992

    Descriptors: Nonpoint-source-pollution, Maine, Lake-renewal, Phophorus-content.

  5. The clean water book : a guide to reducing water pollution in your home and neighborhood.
    Morgan, Judy. and New Jersey. Division of Water Resources.
    [Trenton, N.J.] : New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resources, 1987. 24 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD224.N5C58--1987

    Descriptors: Water-Pollution, New-Jersey, Water-quality-management, Citizen-participation.

  6. Communicating water quality risk issues to the public.
    OSU-ext-facts. [Stillwater, Olka. : Cooperative Extension Service, Division of Agriculture, Oklahoma State University, June 1993. (891) 7 p.
    NAL Call #: S544.3.O5O5

    Descriptors: water-quality, public-opinion, social-participation, water-policy, decision-making.

  7. Community participation and water supply : an attempt to provide sustainable water development solutions for Africa.
    Sendama, Antoine., Mbuthia, Joseph., and African Water Network. African Water Network Workshop on Sustainable Water Development Solutions (1990 : Nakuru, Kenya
    Nairobi, Kenya : African Water Network, c1991. 117 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: HD1699.A1C66-1991

    Descriptors: Water-resources-development, Africa, Citizen-participation, Congresses, Water-supply-Africa.

  8. Community water supply : a manual for user education ; a community participation training element for SPWP user beneficiaries.
    United Nations Development Programme. International Labour Organisation.
    Geneva : International Labour Office, 1987. 89 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD927.C65-1987

    Descriptors: Water-supply, Rural-Developing-countries, Sanitation.

  9. The contribution of people's participation : evidence from 121 rural water supply projects.
    Narayan Parker, Deepa.
    Washington, D.C. : World Bank, c1995. viii, 108 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: HD1702.N37--1995

    Descriptors: Water-supply, Rural-Developing-countries, Management, Citizen-participation.

  10. Demanding clean food and water : the fight for a basic human right.
    Goldstein, Joan.
    New York : Plenum Press, c1990. xiv, 271 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD171.7.G66-1990

    Descriptors: Environmental-protection, Citizen-participation, Food-contamination, Water-Pollution.

  11. Evaluating barriers to participation by fertilizer and agricultural chemical dealers in a federal water quality project.
    Lanyon, L. E., Kiernan, N. E., and Stoltzfus, J. H.
    J nat resour life sci educ. 25: 2 pp.160-165. (Fall 1996).
    NAL Call #: S530.J6

    Descriptors: pesticides, fertilizers, crop-management, integrated-pest-management, educational-programs, program-development, extension-education, water-quality, groundwater-pollution, low-input-agriculture, state-government, federal-go vernment, regulations, Pennsylvania, pequea-mill-creek-hydrologic-unit-area-project, water-quality-incentive-program-integrated-crop-management, pesticide, fertilizer-vendors.

  12. Facilitating the introduction of a Participatory and Integrated Development Approach (PIDA) in Kilifi District, Kenya.
    Schubert, Bernd. and Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin. Seminar fur landwirtschaftliche Entwicklung.
    Weikersheim [Germany] : Margraf Verlag, [1994] 2 v. : ill.
    NAL Call #: S539.G3T47--nr.164

    Descriptors: Sustainable-development, Kenya-Kilifi-District, Citizen-participation, Water-resources-development, Sanitation.

  13. Factors leading to permanent adoption of best management practices in South Dakota Rural Clean Water Program projects.
    Cameron Howell, K.
    Proceedings: the National RCWP Symposium 10 years of controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution the RCWP experience Sept 13 17, 1992, Orlando, Florida. pp. 255-259. (Environmental Protection Agency, [1992].).
    NAL Call #: TD223.N36-1992

    Descriptors: water-management, water-quality, programs, farmers, participation, South Dakota.

  14. Farmer participation in irrigation: 20 years of experience and lessons for the future.
    Meinzen Dick, R.
    Irrig drain syst. 11: 2 pp.103-118. (May 1997).
    NAL Call #: TC801.I66

    Descriptors: irrigated-farming, irrigation, farmers, organizations, farmers'-associations, irrigation-water, irrigation-scheduling, farmers'-attitudes, participation, water-policy, water-allocation, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Senegal, Mexico, Western-states-of USA, water-users'-associations, Columbia-Basin-area-of-USA.

  15. Farmer participation in the Double Pipe Creek, Maryland, Rural Clean Water Program project.
    Schaeffer, E. A.
    Proceedings: the National RCWP Symposium 10 years of controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution the RCWP experience Sept 13 17, 1992, Orlando, Florida pp. 265-272. (Environmental Protection Agency, [1992].).
    NAL Call #: TD223.N36-1992

    Descriptors: water-management, water-quality, programs, farmers, participation, Maryland.

  16. Farmers and the Chesapeake: an interagency success story.
    Hogan, S., Weismiller, R. A., Magette, W., and Lessley, B.
    Yearb-agric. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [1980-. 1991. p. 97-104.
    NAL Call #: 1-Ag84y

    Descriptors: water-resources, water-quality, farmers, participation, programs, cooperative-activities, Maryland.

  17. Fourth National Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Conference : proceedings : putting volunteer information to use : April 10-14, 1994, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. Putting volunteer information to use.
    National Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Conference (4th: 1994: Portland State University. United States. Environmental Protection Agency).
    [Washington, D.C.? : EPA?, 1994?] vii, 140 p. : ill., maps.
    NAL Call #: TD223.N35--1994

    Descriptors: Water-quality, United-States, Congresses, Environmental-monitoring, Citizen-participation, Volunteer-workers-in-environmental-protection.

  18. Groundwater contamination : working in partnership with communities.
    Ostiguy, Nancy.
    Ithaca, N.Y. : Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxicology, Division oof Nutritional Sciences, Program on Science, Technology, and Society, Cornell University, [1989] 23 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD223.G748-1989

    Descriptors: Water, Underground-Pollution, United-States, Citizen-participation.

  19. Handle with care : your guide to preventing water pollution.
    Taggart, Judith. and Bracht, Betty.
    Washington, D.C. : Terrene Institute, 1991. v, 36 p. : ill., maps:
    NAL Call #: TD424.3.T35--1991

    Descriptors: Water-Pollution, United-States, Water-quality-management, Citizen-participation.

  20. How to conduct an inventory in your wellhead protection area : a training manual for use with volunteers.
    University of Idaho. Idaho Water Resources Research Institute.
    [Moscow, ID] : University of Idaho, [1995?] 113 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD224.I2H69--1995

    Descriptors: Water-quality-management, Idaho, Citizen-participation, Drinking-water-Contamination, Prevention.

  21. How to get water smart : products and practices for saving water in the nineties. 1st ed.
    Buzzelli, Buzz.
    Santa Barbara, Calif. : Terra Firma Pub., 1991. xi, 128 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD388.H68-1991

    Descriptors: Water-conservation, Citizen-participation, Water-conservation.

  22. Idaho volunteer monitoring program lake protocols.
    Bellatty, Jim., Meitl, Joan., and Idaho. Division of Environmental Quality.
    Boise, Idaho : Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare, Division of Environmental Quality, [1991] 1 v. (loose-leaf) : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD224.I2B45-1991

    Descriptors: Water-quality, Idaho, Measurement, Citizen-participation.

  23. Impacts of voluntary conservation initiatives in the Darby Creek Watershed of Ohio.
    Napier, T. L. and Johnson, E. J.
    J soil water conserv 53: 1 pp.78-84. (First Quarter 1998).
    NAL Call #: 56.8-J822

    Descriptors: agricultural-land, watersheds, soil-conservation, water-conservation, programs, participation, farmers'-attitudes, resistance-to-change, environmental-protection, erosion-control, Ohio.

  24. The International Joint Commission and public participation: past experiences, present challenges, future tasks.
    Becker, M. L.
    Nat-resour-j. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico School of Law. Spring 1993. v. 33 (2, pt.2) p. 235-274, 299-313.
    NAL Call #: HC79.E5N3

    Descriptors: lakes, water-resources, resource-management, advisory-committees, social-participation, ecosystems, objectives, water-policy, international-cooperation, USA, Canada, ecosystem-quality.

  25. The key to successful farmer participation in Florida's Rural Clean Water Program.
    Stanley, J. W.
    Proceedings: the National RCWP Symposium 10 years of controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution the RCWP experience Sept 13 17, 1992, Orlando, Florida. pp. 269-272. (Environmental Protection Agency, [1992].).
    NAL Call #: TD223.N36-1992

    Descriptors: water-management, water-quality, programs, farmers, participation, Florida.

  26. Landlord involvement in environmental decision-making on rented Missouri cropland: pesticide use and water quality issues.
    Constance, D. H., Rikoon, J. S., and Ma, J. C.
    Rural sociol. 61: 4 pp. 577-605. (Winter 1996).
    NAL Call #: 281.28-R88

    Descriptors: landowners, farmland, rent, farm-management, decision-making, participation, pesticides, usage, water-quality, tenure-systems, trends, sociology, Missouri.
    The need to better understand landlord involvement in decision-making related to pesticide use and water quality issues is evidenced by several trends. These trends include the increasing documentation of water pollution by farm pest icides, the changing characteristics of farm ownership and operator tenure, and evolutions in resource policy and protection planning. This paper utilizes a theoretical approach to the sociology of land tenure to interpret results from an investigation of landlord involvement in environmental decision making regarding pesticide selection on rented land. Eight counties with high susceptibility of water contamination by pesticides were selected for study. Structured, in-person interviews were administered t o in-county landlords, and a mail survey was used to poll out-of-county landlords. Results indicate that participation is generally low with very little difference between landlord groups. Renters make most of the organizational and operational decisions on rented farmland. Landlord participation is predominantly based on economic, rather than on social or environmental, factors. Furthermore, while economic variables are important predictors of participation for both groups, gender and social ties to the renter tend to increase local landlord involvement, but not absentee involvement. These results have important implications for both federal programs and further research on land tenure and environmental stewardship.

  27. Living waters : how to save your local stream.
    Owens, Owen D.
    New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1993. xiv, 245 p. : ill., maps.
    NAL Call #: QH76.5.P4O93--1993

    Descriptors: Trout-Unlimited-Valley-Forge-Chapter, Stream-conservation, Pennsylvania, Valley-Creek, Citizen-participation, Water-Pollution, Stream-conservation, Valley-Creek, PA.

  28. Making soil and water conservation sustainable: from coercion and control to partnerships and participation.
    Pretty, J. N. and Shah, P.
    Land degrad dev. 8: 1 pp.39-58. (Mar 1997).
    NAL Call #: S622.L26

    Descriptors: land-management, agricultural-land, soil-conservation, water-conservation, sustainability, sustainable-practices.

  29. The matter of public participation.
    Hayton, R. D.
    Nat-resour-j. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico School of Law. Spring 1993. v. 33 (2,pt.2) p. 275-281, 299-313.
    NAL Call #: HC79.E5N3

    Descriptors: water-resources, resource-management, international-cooperation, social-participation, decision-making, advisory-committees, North America, International-Joint-Commission, International-Boundary-and-Water-commission.

  30. National directory of citizen volunteer monitoring programs.
    United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
    [Washington, D.C.? : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1997?].
    NAL Call #: TD423.N38-1997

    Descriptors: Water-Pollution, United-States, Environmental-monitoring, United-States, Citizen-participation.
    This document lists 519 citizen volunteer monitoring programs around the country, arranged by place. Key information, including a contact name, address and type of waters monitored, is also provided.

  31. New horizons: the economic, social and environmental impacts of participatory watershed development.
    Hinchcliffe, F., Guijt, I., Pretty, J. N., and Shah, P.
    Gatekeep-ser. London, UK : International Institute for Environment and Development, [1987?-. 1995. (50) 22 p.
    NAL Call #: S494.5.S86G3

    Descriptors: watersheds, soil-conservation, water-conservation, sustainability, development-projects, participation, farmers, watershed-management, environmental-policy, economic-impact, social-impact, environmental-impact, research-pr ojects, Latin-America, Central-America, Australia, Philippines, Africa, Asia.

  32. Organizing lake users : a practical guide.
    Flock, Gretchen H., Taggart, Judith., Olem, Harvey., and Terrene Institute. Tennessee Valley Authority. United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
    Washington, D.C. : Terrene Institute, [1991]. vi, 78 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: QH541.5.L3F66--1991

    Descriptors: Lake-ecology, United-States, Water-quality-management, Citizen-participation, Water-resources-development, Lake-renewal-United-States, Lakes-United-States.

  33. Participative approaches for landcare : perspectives, policies, programs.
    Chamala, Shankariah. and Keith, Ken J.
    Brisbane : Australian Academic Press, 1995. xvi, 312 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: S627.C57P37--1995

    Descriptors: Soil-conservation-Australia, Citizen-participation, Soil-conservation, Government-policy-Australia, Water-conservation-Australia, Citizens'-associations.

  34. Past investments in conservation research.
    Napier, T. L.
    J soil water conserv. 52: 1 pp.32-33. (Jan/Feb 1997).
    NAL Call #: 56.8-J822

    Descriptors: soil-conservation, water-conservation, programs, farmers'-attitudes, participation, resistance-to-change, innovation-adoption, incentives, disincentives, decision-making, social-sciences, research.

  35. People's participation in soil and water conservation : report from a SADCC seminar, March 2-6, 1987, Maputo.
    Southern African Development Coordination Conference.
    Maseru, Lesotho : Co-ordination Unit, SADCC Soil and Water Conservation and Land Utilization Programme, [1987] 1 v. (various pagings):
    NAL Call #: S622.R38-no.10

    Descriptors: Soil-conservation, Southern Africa, Citizen-participation, Congresses, Water-conservation, Soil-conservation-projects, Water-conservation-projects.

  36. Protecting our water resources : a guide for Washoe County residents.
    University of Nevada, Reno. Cooperative Extension.
    Reno, NV. : University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, [1993] 62 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD225.N3P76--1993

    Descriptors: Water-conservation, Nevada-Washoe-County, Environmental-protection, Citizen-participation.

  37. Public involvement in natural resource decision making : goals, methodology, and evaluation.
    Lawrence, Rick L. and Daniels, Steven E.
    Corvallis, Or. : Forest Research Laboratory, Oregon State University, 1996. 49 p.
    NAL Call #: SD144.O7P37--no.3

    Descriptors: Land-use-Planning, United-States, Citizen-participation, Water-resources-development.

  38. Public participation and the IBWC: challenges and options.
    Sanchez, R.
    Nat-resour-j. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico School of Law. Spring 1993. v. 33 (2,pt.2) p. 283-313.
    NAL Call #: HC79.E5N3

    Descriptors: water-resources, resource-management, advisory-committees, international-cooperation, social-participation, North-America, International-Boundary-and-Water-Commission.

  39. Public participation in the planning and management of rivers: Washington State Scenic River System.
    Starlund, S.
    Gen-tech-rep-RM. Fort Collins, Colo. : Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1993. (226) p. 261-272.
    NAL Call #: aSD11.A42

    Descriptors: rivers, water-resources, resource-management, community-involvement, Washington.

  40. Rural community development: what sort of social change.
    Wright, S.
    J Rural Stud. 8:1, pp. 15-28. (Jan 1992).
    NAL Call #: HT401.J68

    Descriptors: water-supply, villages, rural-communities, community-development, social-change, community-action, case-studies, participation, community-involvement, development-projects, UK, rural-community-workers.
    In rural development it is accepted that many rural problems derive from the way decisions are made. Rural Community Councils play an intermediary role and their community development is geared not only to changing communities, but e ven more to changing the ways authorities operate. But how do their field officers do this? It is argued that field officers work in a local, national and international context which shapes expectations of their role and of the outcome of their work. Thei r rhetoric of community development is often more radical than the context would seem to allow. Out of the tension between context and rhetoric, the actual practice of community workers is negotiated. Changes in the context, rhetoric and practice of commu nity development are traced through three phases in the 1970s and 1980s. A case study of a village with a failed water supply examines the way the author, as a community worker, negotiated her practice. It shows the limitations on putting into practice a rhetoric of empowerment and participatory development which sought to change the way authorities relate to residents.

  41. Rural nonpoint source pollution control in Wisconsin: the limits of a voluntary program.
    Wolf, A. T.
    Water resour bull. 31:6, pp. 1009-1022. (Dec 1995).
    NAL Call #: 292.9-Am34

    Descriptors: water-quality, watershed-management, water-policy, water-pollution, Wisconsin.
    This paper examines the relationship between best management practices, institutional needs, and improved water quality within the watersheds of Wisconsin's program for controlling rural nonpoint source pollution. The first section d escribes the federal requirements for state nonpoint source programs and the legislative and management methods the state of Wisconsin uses to put those requirements into practice. The emphasis of the paper, described in the second section, is the institu tional difficulty in evaluating the success of a large, integrated water quality program. Measurements which are investigated include (1) watershed water quality before and after implementation of BMPs; (2) program participation as measured by eligible vs . participating landowners, BMPs considered necessary vs. BMPs implemented, or dollars allocated to the NPS program vs. dollars expended; and (3) institutional goal coordination and management effectiveness. It is found that, despite the size and sophisti cation of Wisconsin's NPS program, there is little if any improvement in ambient water quality in these watersheds, probably because of a general lack of adequate participation in this voluntary program.

  42. Saving water in the home & garden.
    Erickson, Jonathan 1949
    Blue Ridge Summit, PA : TAB Books, c1993. x, 150 p. : ill., map.
    NAL Call #: TD388.E75--1993

    Descriptors: Water-conservation, Citizen-participation.

  43. The self-help handbook for small town water and wastewater systems. Rev. ed.
    Schautz, Jane W. and Conway, Christopher M. 1958
    Rensselaerville, NY : Rensselaerville Institute, c1995. 300 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: HD4461.S33--1995

    Descriptors: Water-resources-development, United-State, Citizen-participation, Finance, Sewerage.

  44. Social choice procedures in water-resource management.
    d'Angelo, A., Eskandari, A., and Szidarovszky, F.
    J environ manage. 52: 3 pp. 203-210. (Mar 1998).
    NAL Call #: HC75.E5J6

    Descriptors: water-resources, water-management, forest-management, decision-making, social-participation, dictatorship, ranking, equations, case-studies, arizona, plurality-voting, borda-count, hare-system, pairwise-voting.

  45. Techniques to obtain adequate farmer participation.
    Yankey, R. L.
    Proceedings: the National RCWP Symposium 10 years of controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution the RCWP experience Sept 13 17, 1992, Orlando, Florida. pp. 261-264. (Environmental Protection Agency, [1992].).
    NAL Call #: TD223.N36-1992

    Descriptors: water-management, water-quality, programs, farmers, participation, Idaho, rural-clean-water-program.

  46. Upstream solutions to downstream pollution : a citizens' guide to protecting seacoasts and the Great Lakes by cleaning up polluted runoff.
    Chasis, Sarah. and Natural Resources Defense Council. Coast Alliance (U.S.).
    [New York] : Natural Resources Defense Council ; [Washington, D.C.] : Coast Alliance, [1993] v, 127 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD223.U67--1993

    Descriptors: Water-Pollution, United-States, Citizen-participation-Handbooks,-manuals,-etc, Great-Lakes, Coastal-zone-management.

  47. The volunteer monitor : the national newsletter of volunteer water quality monitoring.
    Volunteer Monitor (Firm).
    San Francisco, CA : The Volunteer Monitor, 1989- v. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD223.V658

    Descriptors: Water-quality-management, United-States, Citizen-participation, Periodicals, Volunteer-workers-in-environmental-protection,

  48. Volunteer monitoring.
    United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Water.
    [Washington, DC] : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, 1993, [6] p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD223.V65--1993

    Descriptors: Water-quality-management-United-States, Citizen-participation, Water-quality-United-States.

  49. Water supply in low-income housing projects : the scope for community participation : training module.
    United Nations Centre for Human Settlements.
    Nairobi : United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat), 1989. iii, 60 p. : ill.
    NAL Call #: TD357.W38-1989

    Descriptors: Municipal-water-supply, Study-and-teaching, Community-development.

  50. Watershed restoration on the Chesapeake Bay.
    Swanson, A. P.
    J for. 92:8; pp. 37-38. (Aug 1994).
    NAL Call #: 99.8-F768

    Descriptors: estuaries, watersheds, rehabilitation, ecosystems, resource-management, water-quality, participation, public-sector, middle-atlantic-states-of-USA, integrated-resource-management.

  51. The Watershed source book : watershed-based solutions to natural resource problems.
    University of Colorado, Boulder. Natural Resources Law Center.
    [Boulder, Colo.] : University of Colorado, Natural Resources Law Center, c1996. ix, 64, 261, 5 p. : maps.
    NAL Call #: GB991.W47W373--1996

    Descriptors: Watershed-management, Western U.S., Citizen-participation, Watershed-management, Watersheds, Multiple-use, Water-quality-management, Natural-resources, Management, Citizen-participation, Fishery-management.

  52. Who participates and why? Factors affecting participation in a state issues-based program.
    Miller, D. R. and Smith, M. F.
    J-Ext. Madison, Wis. : Extension Journal. Fall 1991. v. 29 p. 12-14.
    NAL Call #: 275.28-J82

    Descriptors: extension, programs, participation, decision-making, water-quality, Maryland.

  53. WQIP: an assessment of its chances for acceptance by farmers.
    Kraft, S. E., Lant, C., and Gillman, K.
    J soil water conserv. 51: 6 pp. 494-498. (Nov/Dec 1996).
    NAL Call #: 56.8-J822

    Descriptors: water-pollution, point-sources, pollution-control, federal-programs, participation, farmers'-attitudes, water-quality, incentives, surveys, farm-management, agricultural-land, water-quality-incentive-program, nonpoint-sour ce-pollution.

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