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Introduction to Constructed Wetlands Bibliography

This constructed wetlands bibliography, compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly the Soil Conservation Service) and the Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library, consists of more than 600 citations. One hundred and sixty-one of these have abstracts. The bibliography has been divided into seven major categories:

Within each major category, many, but not all, of the citations were subcategorized. Each of the citations in the original document has 10 fields as shown in the example below from the Acid Mine Drainage category. There have been 76 records added which contain the major citation fields but are in a different format.

Sample record:

 SUBCATEGOR  case studies--TVA, AL
 TITLE       Treatment of acid drainage with a constructed wetlands at
             the Tennessee Valley Authority 950 coal mine.
 AUTHOR      Brodie, G.A., D.A. Hammer and D.A. Tomljanovich.
 SOURCE      Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: Municipal,
             Industrial and Agricultural.
 PUBLISHER   Chelsea, MI: Lewis Publisher, Inc.
 PAGES       pp. 201-209
 DATE        1989 
 CALLNUM     TD 756. 5 C66
 ANNOTATION  A Jackson County Alabama sediment pond that received acid mine
             drainage was cited for chronic effluent discharges.  Because the
             impoundment had acceptable characteristics (moderate water            
             quality, adequate siting characteristics, and suitable geology and
             hydrology) a constructed wetland was built to treat acid drainage.
             The constructed wetland was environmentally effective and
             cost-beneficial in treating the acidic mine drainage.

This bibliography is available on the Internet in several different forms:

1 large ASCII text file containing all 605 citations
7 smaller ASCII files corresponding to each of the seven categories listed above.

These files are accessible via world wide web: World Wide Web: http://www.nal.usda.gov/wqic/Constructed_Wetlands_all/index.html

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