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Transdisciplinary Approaches: The Science of Team Science

  • Special Event

Working on teams employing transdisciplinary approaches presents many challenges.

In the second webinar in the Transdisciplinary Approaches series, speakers will share information about the keys to the success of complex teams and highlight the role of team function in large-scale projects.


This event is part of the Transdisciplinary Approaches webinar series.

December 6, 2023 3:00PM - 4:00PM

All events listed in Eastern Time (US and Canada).


If you need an accommodation to attend, please contact us five business days in advance.


Jeni Cross

Dr. Cross is a professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at Colorado State University. She has been the director of the Team Science Core for the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute since 2018. She has developed a series of team science competency workshops that focus on building individual and team collaboration competencies for translational and transdisciplinary teams. Dr Cross and her team at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences have been on the forefront of creating training, interventions, and assessments for transdisciplinary science teams since 2015. Her research on team science has been published in a variety of journals, books and encyclopedias across myriad disciplines.

Dr. Cross specializes in studying complex teams and the processes of systemic and transformational change. Her research is published in over a dozen fields of science and her TED talk on Behaviour Change has been adopted by dozens of courses across the globe. She is regularly called on to provide coaching and expertise to large, international team science projects and institutes working on diverse subjects from public health to biology to machine learning to urban sustainability.

Anne Mook

Dr. Mook is a senior team scientist at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) at Colorado State University. In the field of team science, she specializes in evaluations and ecosystem needs assessment. In her role at the IRISS, Anne works with and in interdisciplinary teams. Her primary roles within these teams include 1) Survey design to assess connectivity in the network and team effectiveness, 2) Interviews and focus groups, 3) Data analysis and interpretation, 4) Consultations to guide teams to improve based on the survey, social network, and interview findings, and 5) Workshops on the best practices in interdisciplinary and international science collaborations.

In addition to team science, Anne has worked on numerous interdisciplinary environment-related research projects. Her work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals including Forest Policy and Economics, Rural Sociology, Sustainable Development, the Journal of Rural Studies, Business Strategy and Development, and Business Strategy and the Environment.

About the Transdisciplinary Approaches Webinar Series

Presented by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Agricultural Library

Join us for a new webinar series highlighting opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary approaches within agricultural research. Many of the problems facing agriculture are multifaceted, and traditional disciplinary boundaries may limit our ability to address them. Additionally, agricultural research has broad implications, affecting economics, social dynamics, and the environment. Transdisciplinary approaches is a critical tool for tackling agronomic issues. It can address complex challenges that single-disciplinary approaches are not able to solve, increase the likelihood of new practice adoption, and avoid potential unintended consequences of more narrowly investigated findings.

The increased need for large-scale solutions to complex agricultural problems has led to new, large-scale funding opportunities that require applicants to develop transdisciplinary research proposals that tackle program priorities in new ways. However, because of the novel nature of transdisciplinary approaches and challenges associated with transdisciplinary research, adoption of these practices and teams is limited.

This webinar series is targeted at researchers to better understand strategies for implementing transdisciplinary approaches, team building, and overcoming challenges, and university administrators to better support novel transdisciplinary teams and their research.