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Agritourism and Farm Tours

Pick Your Own signs at a farm. (Copyright IStock)Agritourism is "a form of commercial enterprise that links agricultural production and/or processing with tourism in order to attract visitors onto a farm, ranch, or other agricultural business for the purposes of entertaining and/or educating the visitors and generating income for the farm, ranch, or business owner." [National Agricultural Law Center. Agritourism - An Overview.]

University of Arkansas. National Agricultural Law Center.

Site includes Congressional reports, agency listings, Center reports and references to statutes, case law and other government information pertinent to agricultural enterprises that are combined with tourism to create new sources of revenue.

Agritourism  ( pdf | 134k )

USDA. Rural Development; Iowa State University. Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Informs about agritourism businesses, insurance and liability issues, and organizations that support agritourism. Identifies technical reports, tool kits, and planning guides. Provides checklists for 1) Agritourism Associations and Networks; 2) Agritourism Best Management; Agritourism Marketing; 3) Agritourism Online Resources; 4) Agritourism Risk Management and Liability; 5) Agritourism Successes and Challenges; and 6) Agritourism Zoning and Health.

Rutgers. New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.

This educational training program includes of workshops, webinars, and web-based materials that focus on "minimizing farm safety risks; managing liability; mitigating financial risk through enterprise budgeting; and improving marketing strategies." Also included are budgeting tools, checklists, fact sheets, training modules, and videos.