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Aquaculture Data, Statistics, and Research Organizations

United States Department of Agriculture.
Describes USDA programs and publications on aquaculture research, available data and statistics, market trends and environmental management and monitoring systems. Links to aquaculture information contacts.

Census of Aquaculture
USDA. National Agricultural Statistics Service
NASS publishes the Census of Aquaculture and statistical reports on processor data, grower production and feed data. "Provides data and statistics on the aquaculture industry related to production, farming methods, markets and marketing, sales, farm labor and more."

USDA. Economics, Statistics and Market Information System. Cornell University. Albert R. Mann Library.
"Examines the U.S. aquaculture industry including production, inventory, sales, prices, inputs, and trade of catfish, trout, tilapia, salmon, mollusks, crawfish, shrimp, ornamental fish, and new species. Detailed statistics for catfish and trout production are also available."

Briefing Room: Aquaculture
USDA. Economic Research Service.
"Provides background, data, and analysis on the domestic aquaculture industry and U.S. trade in aquacultural products."

State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
"Reports on global aquaculture trends and data for most countries with a significant aquaculture sector and production. Previous editions and languages are also available from the FAO Publications Catalog."

Aquaculture Program
University of the Virgin Islands.
Three production systems are researched: freshwater pond culture, tank culture, and aquaponic systems.

Aquaculture Research Institute
University of Idaho.
ARI preforms formal collaborative research with the USDA’s Agriculture Research Service and with the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Both entities have scientists and staff in residence at ARI’s Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station, located in south-central Idaho near the center of the U.S. trout industry.

AquaFish Innovation Lab
Oregon State University.
Program presents research and reports that promote international multidisciplinary partnerships that advance science, research, education, and outreach in aquatic resources, continuing work started in the Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program.

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
University of Florida. Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
The UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants is a multidisciplinary research, teaching and extension unit directed to develop environmentally sound techniques for the management of aquatic and natural area weed species and to coordinate aquatic plant research activities within the State of Florida. The Center was established in 1978 by the Florida legislature.

Harbor Branch Aquaculture Division
University of Florida. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.
Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has led the way in advancing aquaculture in Florida, the United States and internationally. The activities in the Harbor Branch Aquaculture Development Park are helping to meet one of the most significant long-term challenges we face: the need to expand aquaculture to help satisfy an expected doubling in the global demand for food over the next 40 years.

United States Department of Agriculture.
Describes USDA programs and publications on aquaculture research, available data and statistics, market trends and environmental management and monitoring systems. Links to aquaculture information contacts.

Regional Aquaculture Centers (RACs)
The mission of the RACs is to support aquaculture research, development, demonstration, and extension education to enhance viable and profitable U.S. aquaculture production to benefit consumers, producers, service industries, and the American economy.

National Programs: Aquaculture
USDA. Agricultural Research Service.
Conducts high quality, relevant, basic and applied aquaculture research and technology transfer to further international competitiveness and sustainability of United States aquaculture. Locate laboratories, researchers, projects and research reports.

National Aquaculture Program
USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
Provides a broad range of cooperative programs for protecting the health of aquatic animals and plants. Addresses global trade, aquatic diseases, pest prevention, wildlife damage management and more.

Aquaculture Research
USDA. Economic Research Service
Reports on current U.S. aquaculture production, its history and industry and trade status. Describes and links to recent ERS reports and datasets. Information products include a topical page focused on aquaculture background, data and industry analysis.

Aquaculture Centre
University of Guelph.
"The Aquaculture Centre cooperates with Provincial and National aquaculture institutions and associations to facilitate information and technology transfer to the private sector."

Institute of Aquaculture
University of Stirling.
"...Research focuses on critical questions, such as how to develop strategies for sustainable aquaculture and aquatic food security, how to inform modern commercial markets and how to support communities in developing countries so they have enough to eat."

Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Collects and distributes information about aquaculture and capture fisheries worldwide and includes information of special topics including sustainability food security, trade and marketing, ethics, and climate change.