Catfish Pond (Copyright IStock).The farming of finfish, shellfish and other aquatic animals has become big business during the past 20 years. Recent developments include production of aquatic plants, organic production (non-U.S.), and fish/plant integrated systems.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. NAL. USDA

Identifies eleven journals that focus on aquaculture research in aquatic sciences and fisheries, aquaculture nutrition, molluscan studies, fish diseases and related topics.

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

Conduct automated, real-time, searches to locate current resources on aquaculture-related topics - ready-made searches for AGRICOLA, USDA Agricultural Research Service, all USDA servers and Internet search engines.

Maryland Sea Grant Extension.

A series of fact sheets about fish farm and pond maintenance. A list of relevant videos and publications is provided.