Honeybee hive (Copyright IStock).Apiculture - the maintenance of honeybees and hives - provides farmers and hobbyists with a variety of enterprises including production of beeswax, honey and other edible bee products; crop pollination services and sale of bees to other beekeepers.

Ohio State University.

Provides access to "freely-available, evaluated, digital content" related to bees and pollination. Covers beekeeping; bee diseases and pests; honey bee biology; honey and other products; pollination; and native bee identification and biology.  Offers an Ask-An-Expert service and links to publications, images, and teacher resources.

Beekeeping in Tennessee  ( PDF | 1.3 MB )

University of Tennessee. Extension.

This guide covers most aspects of beekeeping from getting started to building nucs to working with colonies to identifying predators. Topics include: beekeeping basics; bee biology and behavior; races of bees; beekeeping protective gear; hardware and tools; wooden equipment; starting, working with or moving bee colonies; queen making and requeening; honey; pests of honeybees; and seasonal management.

Ohio State Beekeepers Association

The program consists of 34 videos, several Power Point presentations, and an online textbook. Topics include protective equipment for beekeepers, assembling hive equipment, installing packages, inspecting hives, moving bee colonies, commercial pollination and more.

Penn State Extension.

Factsheet on starting a beekeeping operation covers planning and budgets, acquiring bees, marketing, pollination services, risk management, and pests and diseases. Includes lists of beekeeping associations, books, and Websites.

Beehives and Honey Equipment  ( pdf | 528 KB )

Pennsylvania State University. Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Historical plans for: Beehives and Honey Equipment, Solar Beewax Extractor, Low Cost Beehive, Honeycomb Uncapping Tank and Super Dumping Board, 5 and 6 Deep Brood Hive and Honey Extractor.

University of Arkansas. Cooperative Extension Service.

The Extension Service offers free online guides and factsheets including: Getting Started, About Honey Bees, Africanized Honey Bees in Arkansas, Bee Hive Pests & Diseases, Bees as Pollinators, Honey Bee Swarms, and Honey Plants.

University of Missouri. Cooperative Extension Service.

Practical ideas for the beginning apiarist. (Revised May 2016.)

University of Florida.

The Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory conducts basic and applied research projects on bees.  The lab's website provides beekeeper resources, information on bee removal and eradication, and research on honeybee husbandry, honeybee ecology and conservation, and pollination ecology

American Bee Journal.

News and resources for "hobby and commercial beekeepers, bee supply dealers, queen breeders, package-bee shippers, honey packers, and entomologists."  The journal includes an events calendar, FAQs, instructional materials, and listings of National, Regional, State and International bee programs, organizations and other resources.