Honeybee hive (Copyright IStock).
Apiculture - the maintenance of honeybees and hives - provides farmers and hobbyists with a variety of enterprises including production of beeswax, honey and other edible bee products; crop pollination services and sale of bees to other beekeepers.

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

"The honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) is not native to the Western Hemisphere....Information available indicates that colonies of honeybees were shipped from England and landed in the Colony of Virginia early in 1622..." (Everett Oertel.  In: Agriculture Handbook 335. August 1967)

USDA. Economics, Statistics and Market Information System.

Find the latest bee and honey reports from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service and Agricultural Marketing Service. Reports include the monthly National Honey Report and the annual Honey Bee Colonies report.

USDA. NAL. Internet Archive.

Search the NAL collection in the Internet Archive for “honeybee” or specific beekeeping issues, such as foulbrood, to discover government publications from the past century.

American Bee Journal.

News and resources for "hobby and commercial beekeepers, bee supply dealers, queen breeders, package-bee shippers, honey packers, and entomologists."  The journal includes an events calendar, FAQs, instructional materials, and listings of National, Regional, State and International bee programs, organizations and other resources.

A.I. Root Company

This print and online magazine, available by subscription, is a source of information for beginning and experienced beekeepers. Beekeepers, Extension specialists researchers and scientists provide information on raising bees, making beekeeping equipment, developing new products, and more. Provides honey reports and market surveys.