Grains and Legumes

Small grains in the palm of hands (Copyright IStock).Add new crops to your rotation or learn how you can successfully adopt sustainable farming techniques or organic production methods for your field crops.

National Academies Press.

This work stresses the need to collect and preserve indigenous African grains, seeds and grasses to protect against their loss. Varieties discussed are African rice, finger and pearl millet, fonio, emmer, Ethiopian oats and barley, sorghum for several types of uses, tef, other cultivated grains and wild grains. The conditions and requirements for growing and harvesting, nutritional quality, food use and production challenges of these grains are covered.

University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service.

Provides information for more than 40 alternative field crops, such as crambe, flax, and kenaf.

Penn State Extension Service.

Information, research and recommendations on production and pest management for crops in Pennsylvania.