Llamas and Alpacas

Pennsylvania State University.  Extension.

A collection of articles about llamas covering Production and Management, Nutrition and Feeding, Health and Care, Manure and Nutrient Management, Facilities and Technology, Personal Safety, and Business Management.

ATTRA. National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

"Llamas or alpacas can be a good addition to a farm or ranch—an alternative livestock enterprise on marginal pastureland that fits well into a diversified farming operation. This publication discusses considerations for raising llamas and alpacas, including regulations, marketing, nutrition, care, reproduction, and handling."

University of Massachusetts Extension.

Best management practices plus links for additional information on alpaca housing.

University of Massachusetts Extension.

Best management practices, tips, and resources for shearing alpacas.

University of Massachusetts Extension. 

Best management practices, tips, and resources for shearing llamas.

Alpaca Owners Association. 

Resources in the Alpaca Academy, from the Alpaca Owners Association, cover topics from alpaca fiber to disaster preparedness to health and husbandry. Also available, a bulletin board to find alpacas for sale or stud and a directory of local alpaca organizations

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.

Registry of alpaca (Lama pacos) breeds. Database houses the genealogy, blood typing/DNA and ownership records of alpacas primarily located in North America.

International Lama Registry.

Membership organization provides genealogical registry system, reports and research services for owners of subspecies of the Lama, including llama (Lama glama), guanaco (Lama guanicoe), vicuna (Lama vicugna) and crossbreeds.