Oral History Interview Series

Leaders in Alternative and Sustainable Agriculture

Oral histories are in-depth, face-to-face interviews. Staff of the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center have conducted videotaped interviews with people who have provided leadership and inspiration in the field of alternative or sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to record the recollections of people who have influenced the direction of American agriculture, both for current use and as an historical record. To date, interviews with eleven pioneers have been concluded.

The National Agricultural Library does not verify the accuracy of the accounts described herein by participants in an Oral History Project. These oral histories are expressions of the views, memories and opinions of the interviewee. They do not represent the policy, views or official history of the United States Department of Agriculture or the National Agricultural Library.

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

GARTH YOUNGBERG, Ph.D., Greenbelt, Maryland: Dr. Youngberg, formerly employed by the USDA, was founder and director of the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture, and editor of the American Journal of Alternative Agriculture.