Organic Culture: Crops and Gardening

University of Kentucky. Center for Crop Diversification.

Provides information on organic production of selected crops including marketing channels, market outlook, and economic considerations for farm planning.  Links to related production guides and resources about specific crops, organic systems and certification, pest management, business issues, and more.

Rodale Institute.

Create a side-by-side comparison of conventional and organic management of crop(s) and acreage on your farm.


Describes tools and methods that can be used instead of chemical herbicides to prevent or manage weeds in organic vegetable production.


Presents a series of articles, resources and video clips that cover a systems approach to organic weed management, ecological techniques, preventive practices, control practices, and case studies.

Cornell University. Weed Ecology Research Group.

Identifies the weed species common in New York, summarizes control strategies and briefly describes "various aspects of the species' ecology."

University of Missouri. Cooperative Extension Service.

Focuses on improving and maintaining soil fertility when transitioning to organic gardening. Discusses sources of organic matter, organic fertilizers and management of diseases, weeds and pests.

University of Florida. Cooperative Extension Service.

Researchers and Cooperative Extension specialists discuss organic crop production, pest management, and marketing and economics. Each video in the series includes links to related videos, Extension publications, and resources and contacts.

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

NCAT's Organic Crops Workbook: A Guide to Sustainable and Allowed Practices
Intended for organic farmers, beginning farmers and those transitioning to organic methods. Helps farmers understand the National Organic Standards and the certification process. Describes and links to ATTRA's organic agriculture resources.

eXtension.  Cooperative Extension Service.

Provides information on organic seed, organic seed certification and regulation, legal protections, organic seed production practices, seed quality testing, weed management techniques, and research and education resources.  Includes an Organic Seed Resource Guide, Organic Seed Production Webinar Series and Organic Seed Growers' Conference broadcasts.

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Find sources for organic seed for both agronomic and horticultural crops with an emphasis on small alternative seed companies offering open-pollinated vegetable, flower and herb seed.