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Ornamental and Nursery Crops

Pink flower (Copyright IStock).Flowers, foliage, shrubs or trees for your farm or home! Find information about growing and selling houseplants, cut flowers and landscape materials that improve the aesthetic appearance of homes and businesses - both inside and out.

Plant Native.

Includes a native plant nursery finder, a how-to naturescape guide, recommended books and native plant lists organized by region.

Native Plant Network.

Provides "information on the growing and planting of North American (Canada, US, and Mexico) native plants for restoration, conservation, reforestation, landscaping," etc. Includes free online access to Native Plants Propagation Protocol Database and links to the Native Plants Journal.

Flora of North America Association.

Presents "information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in North America north of Mexico."

Byczynski, L.; Fairplain Publications.

A monthly magazine for small-scale farmers and market gardeners with information about raising and marketing vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants with an emphasis on organic methods and cut flower production. Feature articles are supplemented with resource information, commercial advertising and an annual buyers guide to sources and suppliers.

North Carolina State University. Cooperative Extension Service; North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Cooperative Extension Service.

Information about cultural practices, nursery short courses, upcoming events, nursery crop science experts and access to many publications and links.

North Carolina State University.

Search by crop or floriculture topic for information from North Carolina State University and other links of interest.

University of Massachusetts. Cooperative Extension Service.

Sections on educational programs, grower services, publications and fact sheets, pest management, resources for garden retailers, useful links, events and floriculture industry news.

Ohio State University. Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

A collection of plant species information and photographs including common names, scientific name, an audio pronunciation of the scientific name and fact sheets available from Ohio State University about each plant.