Snail Farming

Project Gutenberg

"Of Snails." Roman Farm Management: The Treatises of Cato and Varro. Trans. "A Virginia Farmer," from Varro's Rerum Rusticarum, Libri III. New York: The MacMillan Company, 1913. pp. 325-327. Project Gutenberg e-book edition. Scroll down to _Of Snails_ in section XIV.

Nordsieck, Robert

Discusses the history of heliciculture, snail culture and processing of edible snails, food habits, snail reproduction, and more.

Begg, Sonya.Australia: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. December 2003.RIRDC Publication no. 03/137. RIRDC Project no. SF1-1A

"This booklet describing possible techniques for production of edible snails has been prepared by Sonya Begg following a visit to the International Snail Farming Institute and attendance at an International Conference of Snail Farmers in Italy."

Begg, Sonya. Australia: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. August 2006.RIRDC Publication no. 06/104. RIRDC Project no. SFI-1A.

Reports on a research project to "assess the viability of an alternative method of mass producing edible snails" using "the Italian method of farming snails in pasture production or free range production" rather than using small enclosures or greenhouses. Discusses breeding Helix aspersa Muller.