Women in Agriculture

Woman with plow and horses (Copyright IStock).Women fill many roles in agriculture. They are farmers and farm workers, ranchers, agricultural researchers, educators and agri-business people.

American Farm Bureau

The program "provides women with leadership training, communication skills, and networking to strengthen their ability to encourage positive change in their communities and in the agricultural industry." Many state Farm Bureau programs also have women's committees or women's leadership programs.

USDA. Farm Service Agency.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) provides outreach to all producers, including minority and women farmers and ranchers, and targets a portion of its loan funds to "Socially Disadvantaged Applicants."

USDA. Farm Service Agency.

Outreach Coordinator contacts and initiatives for special audiences: African-Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asian/Pacific Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Women.

USDA. Farm Service Agency. Office of Minority and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers Assistance.

"The USDA Minority Farm Register is a tool to promote equal access to USDA farm programs and services for minority farmland owners, farmers, ranchers tenants and other individuals with an agricultural interest."

USDA. National Agricultural Statistics Service.

In 2012, there were 969,672 women farmers in the United States, and "14 percent of the nation's 2.1 million farms had a female principal operator in 2012."

USDA. National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture data analyzes specific characteristics of farms operated by women in Race, Ethnicity and Gender Profiles (by state).

American Agri-Women.

American Agri-Women is a coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with organizations throughout the United States. Find a state affiliate.

Women's Agricultural Network.

WaGN "provides education and technical assistance to individuals starting or enhancing farms and ag-related businesses."

Women, Food and Agriculture Network.

WFAN is a community of women that shares information and resources in support of sustainable agriculture and healthy localized food systems.