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Agricultural Law Information Partnership

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Sunflowers and honey at a farmers market

Farmers Market Legal Toolkit

The Farmers Market Legal Toolkit, created by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, includes legal resources and case studies for producers selling at markets.

Industrial Hemp Laws: State-by-State Survey

The 2018 Farm Bill expanded the ability to grow industrial hemp under state or federal authority. The National Agricultural Law Center provides links to applicable state laws

Legal Food Hub Resource Library

Created by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems and the Conservation Law Foundation, the Legal Food Hub Resource Library provides answers to common legal questions.

Farm in Menominee County, Michigan, dated August 9, 1956.

Heirs' Property Information & Resources

This guide to heirs' property, from the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, will help you navigate legal challenges, work with an attorney, and find more resources.

Right-to-Farm Provisions

A compilation by the National Agricultural Law Center of typical and reoccurring provisions of right-to-farm laws in various states

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Welcome to the Agricultural Law Information Partnership

The Agricultural Law Information Partnership is a collaboration between the National Agricultural Library, National Agricultural Law Center (NALC) and the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) at Vermont Law School. The Partnership supports the dissemination of agricultural and food law information to consumers, researchers and legal professionals. Agricultural law is defined broadly to include land-based agriculture, food and fiber production and systems, aquaculture and energy issues.

Our partners produce a range of tools and guides on agricultural and environmental legal research. Key audiences include attorneys, agricultural professionals, and the general public involved in agricultural industries in the United States. Recent projects are listed below.

Meat Processing Law in the United States: A State Compilation (NALC)

Updated States' Agricultural Lien Charts (NALC)

Extension Legal Services Initiative (CAFS)

Farm and Energy Initiative (CAFS)

Right-to-Farm: Typical Provisions (NALC)

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit Project (CAFS)

Industrial Hemp Legal Resources (NALC)

Healthy Food Policy Project (CAFS)

The Deal with Dicamba: An Overview of Dicamba-Related Litigation (NALC)

What's New

A farm located near Moscow, Idaho on July 9, 2008.

On the third Wednesday of each month, the NALC hosts a new free webinar on current and emerging agricultural and food law topics. Visit their site to register for an upcoming webinar or view archived webinars.

Farm in New Castle County, Deleware.

Part of the CAFS Farmland Access Legal Toolkit Project, this resource discusses how heirs' property works, legal challenges faced by owners of heirs' property, advice for working with an attorney, and organizations that can assist owners.

A raised hand asking a question

This question and answer style guide explores agricultural issues and the global pandemic, including information on economic stimulus packages, agricultural labor, and direct marketing of specialty crops.