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We've brought AGRICOLA, PubAg, and the NAL Digital Collections (NALDC) together in one place.

Introducing SEARCH from the USDA National Agricultural Library.


Please update your AGRICOLA bookmarks to use the new SEARCH URL.


SEARCH provides access to physical and electronic materials held or licensed by the National Agricultural Library. If you've used AGRICOLA, PubAg, or NALDC in the past -- all of those records can now be found in SEARCH!

Simple Search

simple search can be done from the search box at the top of the SEARCH home page by entering keywords and pressing the Search button. You terms will be searched across multiple fields including title, subjects, abstract, and more. You can also:

  • Search for an exact phrase by surrounding your words in double quotes. Searching for "edible mushrooms" will search only for the two words together as a phrase, while searching for edible mushrooms will search for edible anywhere in the record as well as mushrooms anywhere in the record.
  • Search for variations of a word using a question mark(?) for a single character variation and an asterisk (*) for multiple characters. Searching for mushroom? will return records which include mushroom and mushrooms. Searching for mushroom* will return mushroom, mushrooms, mushroomed, and mushrooming.
  • Use the Boolean operators ANDOR, and NOT. Note that these operators must be capitalized or SEARCH will not recognize them as Booleans.
    • mushrooms AND fungus will return results that include both words
    • mushrooms OR fungus will return results that include mushrooms, fungus, or both words
    • fungus NOT mushrooms will return results that include fungus and do not include mushrooms


For more information on what you can do with the simple search box, see the documentation on Performing Basic Searches in Primo VE from Ex Libris. 

Advanced Search

To the right of the basic search box is a link for ADVANCED SEARCH.

Clicking this will open the advanced search form which allows you to:

  1. Select a search scope of either
    • PubAg -- which includes peer-reviewed journal articles related to agriculture
    • Everything -- which includes everything held or licensed by the library, including what was previously available in AGRICOLA (NAL's catalog), PubAg, and NALDC (Digital Collections)
  2. Build complex, field-specific searches
    • You can limit your search term to a specific field by selecting that field from the rightmost dropdown
    • In the next dropdown, choose whether the field should:
      • Contain  all of your search terms, in any order
      • Start with your search terms
      • Contain your search term(s) as an exact phrase
  3. Add another term to your query with AND, OR, or NOT
  4. Limit your search to a specific type of material, e.g. Article, Image, etc. Only one value can be selected.
  5. Limit your search to a specific language. Only one value can be selected.
  6.  Limit your search to results published within a specific date range.
    • Entering both Start and End dates will return results that fall between the two.
    • Entering only a Start date will return results published on or after the date.
    • Entering only an End date will return results published on or before the date
  7. When you have finished constructing your query, click the SEARCH link at the bottom of the form.


For more information on what can be done with the Advanced Search Box, see the documentation on Performing Advanced Searches in Primo VE from Ex Libris.