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Animal Transportation

Most animals, including animals used for research or exhibition and livestock, will be transported by truck, trailer, air, or boat at some point in their life. One objective of the Animal Welfare Act is “to assure the humane treatment of animals during transportation in commerce…” (7 USC § 2131 (2)(2022)). Transportation can be a major stressor for animals, so it’s important to consider their welfare during the process. Animals should arrive at their destination in good health and minimally distressed. Find transport guidelines and regulations for various animal species below.

Transportation Guidelines


Research Animals

Transporting Animals by Air?

Live Animals Transportation by Air

International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA provides information on transporting pets and other animals by air. The IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) can be purchased through their website.

An elephant standing inside the door of a blue train.

Resources from USDA APHIS

Live Animal Imports

USDA APHIS shares information on transporting live animals (livestock and research animals) into the United States.

Live Animal Exports

USDA APHIS gives guidance on transporting live animals (livestock and research animals) out of the United States.

Interstate Regulations

These regulations give guidance on quarantine, restriction of movement, maintenance of sanitation, and identification of animals to prevent the spread of animal disease.

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