American Society of Animal Science and the National Agricultural Library.

This site is designed to provide agriculture and life science faculty throughout the world with disease related images, animations, and video that can be used in the classroom.

Content types: images
Access: free online

Provides news and information on alternatives to animal experiments in life science curricula for teachers and students as well as university ethics committees, legislators, civil rights and animal protection groups, including a searchable citation database focusing on humane education and training in medicine, veterinary medicine and biological science.

Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) and National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs).

This web site provides video tutorials to assist research workers develop their skills in the administration of substances to laboratory animals and to apply best practice in aseptic surgical techniques in laboratory rodents.

Oklahoma State University. College of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary parasitology images to be used as teaching aids during veterinary education.

Offers innovative software and educational products to educators and students. This free loan program provides products to those interested in trying alternative methods.