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Clyde Dewey Mueller Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers


This collection contains personal correspondence (1959-70) of a portion of Dr. Mueller's years as a poultry geneticist for a number of United States and foreign chicken and turkey breeders. There are also numerous files giving breeding techniques and computer programs (1953-84) which he used in improving economic traits of poultry. Sections of the collection contain various documents relating to the work of national committees such as the National Committee on Random Sample Poultry Testing and the Poultry Breeders of America (1954-84).

Actual Random Sample Test Reports published by USDA and by participating states are included (1952-78).

An extensive compilation of brochures published by a dozen different poultry breeders chronicles the progress made in improving poultry during the working career of Dr. Mueller (1939-89).

The autobiography of Clyde D. Mueller, covering the period from his birth in 1918 through his completing the story of his life through 1995, provides detailed account of family, friend and career accomplishments. Mueller served as a poultry geneticist and consultant for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Container List

Box 1 of 6

Dr. Clyde Mueller, Autobiography, 1995.
Loyal F. Payne, 1968-69.
Don C. Warren, 1970-71.
Personal correspondence, Poultry, 1959-70.
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1943-69.
Poultry Breeding, 1953-80.
Poultry Genetics, 1963-84.
Computer Programs used by Dr. Mueller, 1969.

Box 2 of 6

Poultry Breeders of America, 1954-84.
National Committee on Random Sample Poultry Testing, 1960-80.
Reprints from the Journal on Genetics, 1942-85.
USDA/State Poultry Bulletins on Poultry, 1942-80.
FACTS, 1954-63.
American Philosophical Society, 1959-65.

Box 3 of 6

Random Sample Poultry Tests--USDA Reports, 1958-78.
Random Sample Poultry Tests--State Reports, 1952-72.

Box 4 of 6

Poultry Breeding Farms Brochures
Amerine Turkey Breeding Farms
Arbor Acres Farms
Cobb, Inc.

Box 5 of 6

Poultry Breeding Farms Brochures:

  • Goto Hatcheries
  • H and N, Inc.
  • Hubbard Farms
  • Kimber Farms, Inc.

Box 6 of 6

Poultry Breeding Farms Brochures:

  • D. B. Marshall
  • Pilch, INC.
  • Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms
  • Tartum Farms
  • Other Breeders

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