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David Thomas Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers


A collection of publications and reprints of papers dealing with various aspects of ornithology were contributed by David Thomas, Librarian at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. The overall collection contains material written by numerous authors and published by various scientific journals and other organizations over the years 1872-1975. A listing of the journals and the other sources, plus the range of dates of these non-consecutive issues, can be found on the labels of the six boxes containing the collection.

NAL CALL NO: QL672.5.T56 R

Container List

Box 1 of 6

Agricultural Research, Journal of, 1915-42.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Proceedings of, date unknown.
American Naturalist, The, 1893-1946.
Anatomical Record, The, 1925-44.
Anatomy, The American Journal of, 1929-49.
Animal Behavior, The Journal of, 1914.
Animal Production, American Society of, 1924.
Antibiotics Annual, 1953-54.
Auk, The, 1887-1954.
Australian Museum, Record of, 1894.
Biological Bulletin, 1912-29.
Biological Chemistry, The Journal of, 1914-45.

Box 2 of 6

Biology and Medicine, The Society for Experimental, 1910-45
Biological Symposia, 1942.
British Birds, 1910-11.
Condor, The, 1907-53.
Chemical Industry, Society of, 1940.
Ecological Monographs, 1933.
Endocrinology, 1920-43.
Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S., 1947.
Foreign Reprints from Journals, 1910-54.
Free Flying Birds, Miscellaneous Reprints of, 1872-1951.
Genetics, 1918-48.
Genetics, Department of, Carnegie Institute of Washington, 1931-45.

Box 3 of 6

Genetics, International Congress of, 1932-39.
Genetics, Journal of, 1914-37.
Growth, 1939.
Heredity, Journal of, 1919-52.
Hygiene, The American Journal of, 1922-33.
Infectious Diseases, Journal of, 1944.
Linnean Society, The Proceedings of, 1934.
Medical Science, The American Journal of, 1933-34.
Microscopical Society, The American, 1936.
Morphology, Journal of, 1911-43.
National Academy of Science, 1916-31.
National Museum, U.S., 1894-1918.
Natural History, American Museum of, 1915.
Nature, 1933-34.
Neurology, Comparative, The Journal of, 1943.
New York Academy of Science, Annals, 1912.
Ophtalmology, American Journal of, 1920.
Parasitology, Journal of, 1949.
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, The Journal of, 1931.
Pathology, The American Journal of, 1944.
Physiology, The American Journal of, 1916-35.
Physiological Reviews, 1931.
Philosophical Society, The American, 1916.
Physiological Society, Canadian, 1940.

Box 4 of 6

Poultry Science Journal, 1923-58.
Royal Society of London, Proceedings of, 1935-37.
Science, 1892-1946.
Scientific Agriculture, 1931-40.
Scientific Monthly, The, 1939-54.
Smithsonian Report, The, 1916-39.
State Extension and Experiment Station Bulletins, 1899-1955.

Box 5 of 6

State Publications on Poultry from CA, CO, IL, IA, ME, MI, NY, RI, TX, and WI, 1910-55.
Surgery, Annals of, 1942.
Veterinary Journal, The, 1922-26.
Veternary Medical Association, American, 1928-34.
Washington Academy of Science, 1953.
Wildlife Management, The Journal of, 1946.
Wilson Bulletin, 1932-54.

Box 6 of 6

World's Poultry Science Journal, 1939-75.
Zoology, Experimental, The Journal of, 1910-46.
Zoology, Physiological, 1933-43.

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