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Herbert Beyers Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers


Collection of materials related to the U.S. turkey industry from 1929 to 1991 compiled by Herbert Beyers, known as "Mr. Turkey, U.S.A." and associated with the turkey industry for over 40 years. Beyers served as the president and general manager of the Norbest Turkey Growers Association in Midvale, Utah. The collection contains original issues or copies of Norbest News (July 1936-Apr. 1938), Norbest Turkey News (May 1938 - Sept. 1957), Norbest News (Oct. 1957 - winter 1968) and mostly copies of Norbest Market Letter (1969-1991). Numerous copies of articles and reprints from trade journals and newspapers attest to Mr. Beyers' accomplishements. A brief biography of Mr. Beyers is also included. Several brochures relating to industry conventions and expositions during the 1940s and 1950s form a portion of the collection.

NAL CALL NO: HD9437.5 T873U63 R

Container List

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Biography of Herbert Beyers.

Reprints of newspaper and trade journal articles on Herbert Beyers' contribution to the turkey industry.

Norbest Turkey News, 1936-39: Contain information on all aspects of growing and marketing turkeys.

Miscellaneous items related to the turkey industry.

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Norbest Turkey News-1949-69: Contain information on all aspects of growing and marketing turkeys.

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Norbest Market Letter

Two Bound Volumes of Norbest Area Sales Manager Handbook, which contain the monthly Market Letters for 1969-91.

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