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International Poultry Industry Exposition Records: American Poultry Historical Society Papers


Collection contains material relating to the International Poultry Industry Expositions from 1968-1970. In addition, the official guides, master programs, and daily event schedules for these expositions are included, as well as a survey of research projects related to the poultry industry (1971-72).

NAL CALL NO: HD9437 U62P68 R

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Publicity for exposition in Chicago, Illinois, 1968.

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Publicity for exposition in New Orleans, 1969.

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Promotion material for joint PIMCO and NEPPCO (Northestern Poultry Producers Council) Exposition Cincinnati, Ohio, 1970.

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Master Guide to Education Program, 1968.
Master Program Manual, 1969.
Program Information Manual, 1970.
Program Manual, Poultry Health Sessions, 1970.
Daily Events Schedule, 1970.
Research Projects Related to Poultry Industry (Survey), 1971-72.

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