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Robert Morris Smith Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers


The collection contains many of the letters and other documents leading to the establishment of the National Chicken-of-Tomorrow Program, 1945-51. The names and affiliation of industry, association, university, and federal leaders who were named to the National Chicken-of-Tomorrow Committee and its subcommittees are given. A notebook showing the original records of economic traits measured in the National contest in 1951, is part of the collection. The thrust of the Chicken-of-Tomorrow contest was to encourage meat-type poultry breeders to develop a better, more efficient broiler. Also included are copies of the initial correspondence which established the rules and regulations governing the Arkansas Random Sample Poultry Tests, 1953-59.

Robert Morris Smith worked at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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Correspondence leading to the establishment of the Chicken-of-Tomorrow Program and its first National Committee, 1945.

Rules Governing the State, Regional and National C.O.T. Contests, 1946-51.

Original performance records of the National C.O.T. Contest, 1951.

Rules Governing the Arkansas Random Sample Poultry Tests, 1953-59.

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