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Your Farmhouse: How to Plan Remodeling

Your Farmhouse How to Plan Remodeling Cover.jpg
So you are planning to remodel your old farmhouse! It is half a century at least since Grandfather built it. It was a good house by the standards of those days. It is probably a good house yet. Otherwise you would not want to make it over.

Age can bring out a lot of weaknesses and faults, of course, even in a well-built house. Also, your house…

Sewing Machines: Cleaning and Adjusting

Sewing Machines Cleaning and Adjusting Cover.jpg
Making... making over... mending... these are three big wartime as well as peacetime jobs. A sewing machine in good running condition can help do all three. It thus helps families practice the conservation and thrift so essential now.

All well-made sewing machines, new or old, used constantly or idle, can be made to run easily and sew…