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Beltsville Energy-Saving Kitchen: Design Number 3

Beltsville Energy-Saving Kitchen Design Number 3 1.jpg
This is the third energy-saving kitchen designed and tested by housing specialists of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the working convenience of the homemaker. It is carefully planned to reduce walking, stooping, lifting, and reaching in meal preparation and other kitchen activities.

Three arrangements of cabinets and equipment are…

The Beltsville Kitchen-Workroom With Energy-Saving Features

The Beltsville Kitchen-Workroom With Energy-Saving Features Cover.jpg
This kitchen-workroom was designed primarily for older or physically-handicapped farm women who must conserve their energy. Its many energy-saving features, however, will work equally well for any homemaker.

In planning this kitchen-workroom, the designers have applied findings of studies of the energy expended by women in performing household…