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L-shaped Kitchen Arrangements

L-shaped Kitchen Arrangements Cover.jpg
These are examples of efficient L-shaped arrangements for kitchens. The width of each work area is based on the recommended counter widths given on page 4 and the cabinet space needed above and below the counter to store items listed on page 3. Foods are grouped by area at which they are stored, such as range foods. In some arrangements, two types…

Broken-U Kitchen Arrangements

Broken-U Kitchen Arrangements Cover.jpg
Broken-U arrangements for kitchens usually fit well into combination rooms such as kitchen-dining, kitchen-family, or kitchen-work rooms.

Three arrangements are shown. In the first the refrigerator is in the island; in the second the sink is; and in the third the range is. In each arrangement at least the minimum amount of counter spaces, as…

U-shaped Kitchen Arrangements

U-shaped Kitchen Arrangements Cover.jpg
Illustrated are three U-shaped kitchen arrangements. Two of them have the sink in the center and one has the range in the center. When developing these arrangements, the recommended amount of counter space for each area was considered and storage was planned for all the items listed on page 3.

No special cabinets are shown for the corner base…