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Children's Body Measurements for Sizing Garments and Patterns: A Proposed Standard System Based on Height and Girth of Hips

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Need for Scientific Measurements

The rapid growth of the pattern and ready-to- wear industry in the United States has brought with it many difficulties in the proper sizing of garments and patterns, especially those manufactured for women and children. Any satisfactory American sizing system must be based on dimensions obtained by measuring…

Body Measurements of American Boys and Girls for Garment and Pattern Construction

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Purpose of the Study

This study, financed by the Works Progress Administration and conducted as a W. P. A. project, was made in order to supply accurately taken body measurements for use in the construction of children's garments and patterns.

Unsatisfactory sizing is a source of much consumer difficulty in the selection of suitable clothing…

Sun Suits for Children

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SUN BATHS should be given to all well children to keep them well and to many sick children to help make them well. When the weather permits and the sun is not too hot, arrange for the youngster to be out doors in the sunshine as much as possible. Sick children should take their sun baths stripped or clad merely in very short pants. In many places…

Selection of Cotton Fabrics

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THE GREATER PROPORTION of textiles bought by the average family and most of the garments made in the home are of cotton. Therefore, the careful selection of these materials means the saving not only of money but also of time and effort of the housewife. This bulletin gives information concerning those details of cotton-fabric composition and…

Women's Measurements for Garment and Pattern Construction

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This research project was undertaken in order to provide measurements which could be used for improving the fit of women's garments and patterns. No scientific study of body measurements used in the construction of women's clothing has ever been reported. The measurements used have grown up in the industry, apparently chiefly by trial and error,…

Present Trends in Home Sewing

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The practices of home makers in regard to home sewing are obviously in process of change, although there are no data available which show conclusively the tendencies which may be developing. The subject is of such economic importance that it is forcing itself upon the attention of many different groups. Not only those industrial organizations which…