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Suits for the Small Boy

Suits for the Small Boy Cover.jpg
It may be true that "clothes do not make the man," but attractive suits that are comfortable and suited to play do go a long way toward making a small boy happy. For years boys were dressed as miniature men, and even to-day we see attempts to revive this ancient and harmful custom, which sacrifices proper development for appearance. Military…


Rompers Cover.jpg
A baby of 5 or 6 months needs clothes designed especially for his growing activities. Infant dresses are appropriate when sleeping is the main issue of the day, but when the child begins to creep they hamper and discourage him in all his efforts. Even the outfits designed for older children, who have learned to walk well and to do things for…

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home cover.jpg
A well-designed, well-made house dress can give a real lift to homemaking jobs. A poorly designed dress or apron, on the other hand — one that restricts when you reach or bend, that twists or gets in your way as you stoop or climb — can be as fatiguing as a poorly planned kitchen.

On the following pages are dresses and aprons designed by the…

Fabrics and Designs for Children's Clothes

Fabrics and designs for children\'s clothes cover.jpg
For some years the Bureau of Home Economics has been studying fabrics and designs for children's clothing in response to two widespread demands.

Both producers and consumers are seeking new and better ways of utilizing fabrics made of cotton and wool, the textile fibers of great importance to American agriculture. Cotton is particularly well…

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home Cover.jpg
If you are a homemaker doing your own work, then, like the rest of the busy world of workers, you want clothing suited to your job. A dress that restricts when you reach or bend, that twists or gets in your way when you stoop or climb may be as fatiguing as a poorly planned kitchen. Yet there are homemakers who give less attention to the selection…

Women's Dresses and Slips: A Buying Guide

Women\'s Dresses and Slips Cover.jpg
Every woman wants to buy the best dresses her means permit. Whether she has much or little to spend, the ability to make a wise choice means a great deal from the standpoint both of money outlay and of satisfaction. For the cost of dresses is a very important item in the clothing budget.

Good dresses last longer, look better, and are more…

Ensembles for Sunny Days

Ensembles for Sunny Days Cover.jpg
When days are hot and children need few clothes, a sun-suit ensemble is ideal. The cool romper with its net top to catch the ultra-violet rays is just right for play in the backyard. With a dress to match, it makes an outfit for practically any occasion.

Over a sun suit a child need merely put on a matching dress or overblouse to be…

Dresses Designed for Little Girls

Dresses Designed for Little Girls Cover.jpg
Dresses best suited to little girls 2 to 6 years old are designed especially for a child's way of doing things. Styled for comfort, they allow for growth and freedom of action. The dresses are easy to put on and to fasten; they encourage a child to dress without help. They are dainty, yet sturdy enough for playtime and for frequent washings. Their…

Dresses for Little Girls

Dresses for Little Girls Cover.jpg
Dresses for the little girl of to-day are designed to meet her own particular needs. They are comfortable, convenient, simple, and sturdy, not only because these qualities are practical, but also because they are appropriate and in good taste. Her styles, unlike those for grown-ups, change little from season to season, but they are fashionable and…

Shopper's Coat

Shoppers Coat Cover.jpg
For homemakers who have chores away from home,
particularly grocery shopping, this shopper's coat is practical.

Not merely a rainy-weather coat, this garment can be worn on cool sunny days as well as on wet clays. With a liner, a suit, or a heavy sweater under it the shopper's coat will serve also on cold days.

The coat is made from cotton…

Child's Self-Help Overalls

Child\'s Self-Help Overall Cover.jpg
For children's playtime when clothes have to "take it," overalls are the choice of mothers and youngsters alike. An overall planned with a child's needs in mind, like the one pictured, is designed for freedom in play and easy dressing and undressing without help of grown-ups.

• Room for stooping. Children often play in a squatting position, so…

Quality Guides in Buying Ready-Made Dresses

Quality Guides in Buying Ready-Made Dresses Cover.jpg

Style and fabric suited to your needs.

A label that tells what kind of fibers make up the material.

Definite information about shrinkage, weighting, or sizing, and color fastness to sunlight and washing.

Fabrics made of durable yarns, with firm, balanced weave.

Staple fabrics rather than…

Clothing That Works

Clothing That Works 1.jpg
American women, like men, want and deserve their own work clothes. They are tired of having to wear the family's discards, or men's too big overalls for outdoor jobs. They are tired of fussy little house dresses made for looks alone. Instead, they want clothes planned and made for the different kinds of work they do--functional work clothes that…

Clothes For the Physically Handicapped Homemaker, With Features Suitable For All Women

Clothes for the Physically Handicapped Homemaker Cover.jpg
Clothing illustrated in this publication was developed to suggest ways of eliminating or alleviating some of the common problems of women whose homemaking duties and self- care are made difficult by physical handicaps. Many of the garments and special design features will be of interest also to able-bodied homemakers who want clothing that is…

Work Clothes for Women

Work Cothes for Women Cover.jpg
With more and more women in war jobs there is an increasing demand for specially designed work clothes. Whether the job is in a factory, on a farm, or in the home, women want work outfits that are both practical and comfortable, yet inexpensive to make or buy. For some kinds of work a dress or apron serves well; for others, trousered garments are…