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Hosiery For Women: A Buying Guide

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1 Fiber. — Cotton, rayon, wool, silk, or a mixture, whichever meets the wearer's needs and is most suitable for the occasion.

2 Weight. — Are the hose for hard, moderate, or light wear, or for appearance only?

3 Texture. — Are the yarns tightly twisted and the fabric closely knitted so that the hose will…

Making a Dress at Home

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A needed dress . . . pride in achievement . . . something learned — these are the rewards of making a first dress. The job will not be hard if you take it step by step with care and attention to detail. Then when you have learned the principles of putting together and finishing a simple dress, you can apply them in the making of any garment.


Clothing Fabrics: Facts for Consumer Education

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Quality in a fabric depends on many things. The kind and grade of fiber used, the processes by which the fibers were made into yarns, the construction of the material, the fastness of the dye, and the types of finishes applied all affect the quality of a fabric and the satisfaction it will give in use. Though many fabric properties can be…

How to Tailor a Woman's Suit

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Well-made tailored suits of good-quality material are so expensive that many women are trying to save by making their own. It is easy to make a tailored suit if you are skillful at sewing and have the patience to do careful work. But don't attempt a suit if you are an amateur at sewing.

You can give your suit that "custom-made" look by using…

Coat Making at Home

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A well-made, well-fitted coat is a joy to the wearer and a pride to the maker. Tailoring reaches its highest art in coat making. Many a woman is finding that she can give the tailor-made touch to a coat for herself or the children once she understands some of the tricks of the trade and takes time to do exacting work.

Coats are usually one of…

Cotton Shirts for Men and Boys

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Both producers and consumers are interested in wise selection and effective use of American textiles. This bulletin gives the qualities to look for in buying men's and boys' shirts. They are not only an important item in a family's clothing budget but are also a garment for which cotton, the chief fiber grown in the United States, is preeminently…

Fabrics and Designs for Children's Clothes

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For some years the Bureau of Home Economics has been studying fabrics and designs for children's clothing in response to two widespread demands.

Both producers and consumers are seeking new and better ways of utilizing fabrics made of cotton and wool, the textile fibers of great importance to American agriculture. Cotton is particularly well…

Pattern Alteration: A Guide for Leaders in Clothing Programs

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Every woman who sews for herself or her family wants to make attractive, durable, well-fitting clothes. Garments that do not fit are a waste of time and materials because they are uncomfortable, do not withstand hard wear, and give no sense of pride or well-being. The first step toward excellent fit in clothes is a pattern that fits properly. If a…