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Farmhouse Plans for Northeastern States

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How These Plans Were Produced

Regional Plan Services are organized in four regions — Northeast, South, West, and North Central.

These Plan Services are conducted cooperatively by the United States Department of Agriculture, the State extension services, and the agricultural engineering departments of the State agricultural colleges.


Your Farmhouse: Cut-Outs to Help in Planning

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Good house planning is a family job. It is best done carefully over a period of time and in easy stages before you engage a builder.

Before planning to remodel or build a new farm- house, let the whole family get together and talk over just what each one wants in a house. For example, the children are older and need more bedrooms or a more…

Your Farmhouse: How to Plan Remodeling

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So you are planning to remodel your old farmhouse! It is half a century at least since Grandfather built it. It was a good house by the standards of those days. It is probably a good house yet. Otherwise you would not want to make it over.

Age can bring out a lot of weaknesses and faults, of course, even in a well-built house. Also, your house…