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Use of Time by Oregon Farm Homemakers

Use of Time by Oregon Farm Homemakers Cover.jpg
Data were obtained from 288 farm homemakers, 71 country non-farm homemakers, and 154 non-country non-farm homemakers, a total of 513 records.

The average work period of the farm homemaker was 63.7 hours per week, divided as follows: homemaking, 81 percent; farm work, 18 per- cent; other work, 1 percent. For 9 percent of the homemakers the work…

Closets and Storage Spaces

Closets and Storage Spaces.jpg
Modern homemakers are not satisfied with clothes closets that are merely places to hang things. They want closets to be well arranged so that they help keep clothing in good condition and make it easy to get garments out or to put them away.

Ventilation is especially important in clothes closets to help keep the clothing free from odors and, in…