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Suits for the Small Boy

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It may be true that "clothes do not make the man," but attractive suits that are comfortable and suited to play do go a long way toward making a small boy happy. For years boys were dressed as miniature men, and even to-day we see attempts to revive this ancient and harmful custom, which sacrifices proper development for appearance. Military…

Standard Sizes for Children's Clothes: A Primer for the Consumer and the Trade

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1. That the size of children can be predicted best from a combination of two measurements.



2. That age alone is the poorest possible basis for sizing any kind of garments for children.

THE BUREAU OF HOME ECONOMICS therefore proposes ....

Twelve "REGULAR” classes of girls.…

Children's Rompers

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The clothes of the young child help make the man. Recent findings of science on the far-reaching importance of habits formed in early childhood, and on the beneficial effect of direct sunlight on the body go to prove it. These and other practical points on child health and training are here applied to children's rompers and play suits.

When the…

Child's Self-Help Bib

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Materials: (for three bibs)

One-half yard 36" ratine or similar soft material
One 8-yard bolt No. 5 nainsook bias binding
Six wooden beads or metal rings
Thread to match the binding

To Make:

Step 1. Cut a pattern following the measurements in draft.

Step 2. Reenforce bib on underside at eyelet perforations with 3/4" twilled…

Children's Body Measurements for Sizing Garments and Patterns: A Proposed Standard System Based on Height and Girth of Hips

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Need for Scientific Measurements

The rapid growth of the pattern and ready-to- wear industry in the United States has brought with it many difficulties in the proper sizing of garments and patterns, especially those manufactured for women and children. Any satisfactory American sizing system must be based on dimensions obtained by measuring…

Design for Children's Clothing

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Fabrics and Designs for Children's Clothes

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For some years the Bureau of Home Economics has been studying fabrics and designs for children's clothing in response to two widespread demands.

Both producers and consumers are seeking new and better ways of utilizing fabrics made of cotton and wool, the textile fibers of great importance to American agriculture. Cotton is particularly well…

Body Measurements of American Boys and Girls for Garment and Pattern Construction

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Purpose of the Study

This study, financed by the Works Progress Administration and conducted as a W. P. A. project, was made in order to supply accurately taken body measurements for use in the construction of children's garments and patterns.

Unsatisfactory sizing is a source of much consumer difficulty in the selection of suitable clothing…

Sun Suits for Children

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SUN BATHS should be given to all well children to keep them well and to many sick children to help make them well. When the weather permits and the sun is not too hot, arrange for the youngster to be out doors in the sunshine as much as possible. Sick children should take their sun baths stripped or clad merely in very short pants. In many places…

Ensembles for Sunny Days

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When days are hot and children need few clothes, a sun-suit ensemble is ideal. The cool romper with its net top to catch the ultra-violet rays is just right for play in the backyard. With a dress to match, it makes an outfit for practically any occasion.

Over a sun suit a child need merely put on a matching dress or overblouse to be…

Dresses Designed for Little Girls

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Dresses best suited to little girls 2 to 6 years old are designed especially for a child's way of doing things. Styled for comfort, they allow for growth and freedom of action. The dresses are easy to put on and to fasten; they encourage a child to dress without help. They are dainty, yet sturdy enough for playtime and for frequent washings. Their…

Dresses for Little Girls

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Dresses for the little girl of to-day are designed to meet her own particular needs. They are comfortable, convenient, simple, and sturdy, not only because these qualities are practical, but also because they are appropriate and in good taste. Her styles, unlike those for grown-ups, change little from season to season, but they are fashionable and…

Child's Self-Help Overalls

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For children's playtime when clothes have to "take it," overalls are the choice of mothers and youngsters alike. An overall planned with a child's needs in mind, like the one pictured, is designed for freedom in play and easy dressing and undressing without help of grown-ups.

• Room for stooping. Children often play in a squatting position, so…

Play Suits for Winter

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Children's clothing must be comfortable. All their garments, especially play suits, should permit freedom and natural movement of the body. Now that outside exercise is being emphasized more and more, clothes which will keep the youngster warm on a cold day and still allow freedom in play are in great demand. The weight of these garments must be as…