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Home Demonstration Agents

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Clean Walls, Ceilings, and Woodwork--For a Clean House

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Collect Cleaning Tools and Supplies

• Broom
• Cloth to cover the broom
• Two buckets of warm water — one for washing, one for rinsing
• Soap or detergent
• Scouring powder
• Clean cloths for washing, rinsing, and drying
• A stepladder or a strong chair (a stepladder is safer)

Get Ready for the Job

Place buckets of water on…

Many Hands Make Housework Light

Many Hands Make Housework Light Cover.jpg

• Do all family members WANT a clean house?
• Do they help keep the house clean?
• Do you have to do all the cleaning yourself?


• Talk it over together. Help your family make a plan.
• A plan made by the family helps you all work together. It shows how much work there is to do. It…

What to Use to Clean Your House

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You will need:
• Hot water
• Buckets
• Soap or detergent
• Scouring powder
• Soda
• Vinegar
• A broom
• Scrub mop
• Cloths or rags

Clean Floors--For a Clean House

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Collect Tools

• Broom
• Mop--string or sponge
• Detergent or soap
• A bucket for sudsy water
• A bucket for rinse water
• Scouring powder if needed

Clean Windows, Mirrors, and Other Glass--For a Clean House

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Collect All Tools and Supplies Needed

• Clean cloths for washing, drying, and shining
• Newspaper or paper towels
• Vinegar, ammonia, soap or detergent
• Bucket of warm water
• Whiskbroom or a brush
• A stepladder, step-stool, or sturdy chair (a stepladder is safer)

A Clean Bathroom--For a Clean House

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Everyone in the family can help keep the bathroom clean. Each should:

• Turn off faucets.
• Rinse out the sink.
• Hang up towels and washcloths.
• Wash out the bathtub after use.
• Flush the toilet after each use.
• Never put any kind of paper but toilet paper in the toilet.

Clean Dishes--For a Clean House

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Why Wash Dishes?

• Clean dishes are a part of a clean house.
• Clean dishes help keep your family healthy.
• Dirty dishes carry germs.
• Food looks better on clean dishes.
• Food tastes better when served from clean dishes.

A Clean House is Important

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A clean house:

• makes you feel good.
• makes the family feel good.
• helps keep the family healthy.
• makes you proud of your home.
• helps things last longer.
• sets a good example for children.
• helps the neighbors have more respect for you.
• is enjoyed by children and their friends.

When To Do House Cleaning Jobs

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• Some cleaning jobs need to be done every day.
• Some need to be done once every week,
• Others need to be done only now and then.

Does cleaning wear you out? You may be doing it the hard way!

• Don't try to do too many jobs in one day.
• Look for tools and ways to work that make…

Federal Legislation, Regulations, and Rulings Affecting Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics

Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings TOC.jpg

Legislation concerning land-grant colleges
First Morrill Act
Amendment of first Morrill Act
Second Morrill Act
Source of funds
Nelson amendment

Legislation authorizing cooperative extension work
Smith-Lever Act
Capper-Ketcham Act
Hawaii Act
Alaska Act of 1029
Alaska Act of 1936
Puerto Rico Act

Home Demonstration Work

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There are over 6,000,000 farm homes in the United States. The women and girls who so largely influence the family life in these homes are endeavoring to develop efficiency in their home-making duties and to find satisfaction for themselves and their families in rural life.

To aid them in this effort, home demonstration work, a Nation-wide…

Home demonstration work under the Smith-Lever Act, 1914-1924

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In 1919 the Office of Cooperative Extension Work, North and West, wishing to obtain information on which to base home programs, made a survey of 10,000 representative farm homes in the rural regions of the 33 Northern and Western States in cooperation with the State colleges of agriculture and the county farm bureaus, and…

The Effectiveness of Extension Work in Clothing: A Study of 95 Farm Homes in Ford County, Kansas, 1930

The Effectiveness of Extension Work in Clothing Cover.jpg
The extension clothing project was the subject of a study of 95 farm homes in Ford County, Kans.

Sewing machines were found in 95 per cent of these farm homes.

The new construction in these homes was largely limited to the making of dresses, underwear, and night clothes for women and children.

Clothing remodeling was largely confined to…

Domestic Needs of Farm Women:

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The Secretary of Agriculture, on October 1, 1913, addressed a letter to the housewives of 55.000 crop correspondents asking them to suggest ways in which the United States Department of Agriculture could render more direct service to the farm women of the United States. This inquiry was prompted by the following extract from a letter addressed to…

Extension Teaching Methods and Other Factors That Influence Adoption of Agricultural and Home Economics Practices

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This bulletin is concerned with improvement in the use of extension teaching methods. It is intended primarily as a reference manual for inservice extension workers, prospective extension workers and graduate students in extension education.

The extension worker's job is presented as an educational undertaking. The essential steps…