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Elderly woman sitting at a small table sewing

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Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home

Dresses and Aprons for Work in the Home cover.jpg
A well-designed, well-made house dress can give a real lift to homemaking jobs. A poorly designed dress or apron, on the other hand — one that restricts when you reach or bend, that twists or gets in your way as you stoop or climb — can be as fatiguing as a poorly planned kitchen.

On the following pages are dresses and aprons designed by the…

Making a Dress at Home

Making a Dress at Home Cover.jpg
A needed dress . . . pride in achievement . . . something learned — these are the rewards of making a first dress. The job will not be hard if you take it step by step with care and attention to detail. Then when you have learned the principles of putting together and finishing a simple dress, you can apply them in the making of any garment.


How to Tailor a Woman's Suit

How to Tailor a Woman\'s Suit Cover.jpg
Well-made tailored suits of good-quality material are so expensive that many women are trying to save by making their own. It is easy to make a tailored suit if you are skillful at sewing and have the patience to do careful work. But don't attempt a suit if you are an amateur at sewing.

You can give your suit that "custom-made" look by using…

Coat Making at Home

Coat Making at Home Cover.jpg
A well-made, well-fitted coat is a joy to the wearer and a pride to the maker. Tailoring reaches its highest art in coat making. Many a woman is finding that she can give the tailor-made touch to a coat for herself or the children once she understands some of the tricks of the trade and takes time to do exacting work.

Coats are usually one of…

Cotton Shirts for Men and Boys

Cotton Shirts for Men and Boys Cover.jpg
Both producers and consumers are interested in wise selection and effective use of American textiles. This bulletin gives the qualities to look for in buying men's and boys' shirts. They are not only an important item in a family's clothing budget but are also a garment for which cotton, the chief fiber grown in the United States, is preeminently…

Fabrics and Designs for Children's Clothes

Fabrics and designs for children\'s clothes cover.jpg
For some years the Bureau of Home Economics has been studying fabrics and designs for children's clothing in response to two widespread demands.

Both producers and consumers are seeking new and better ways of utilizing fabrics made of cotton and wool, the textile fibers of great importance to American agriculture. Cotton is particularly well…

Pattern Alteration: A Guide for Leaders in Clothing Programs

Pattern Alteration A Guide for Leaders in Clothing Programs.jpg
Every woman who sews for herself or her family wants to make attractive, durable, well-fitting clothes. Garments that do not fit are a waste of time and materials because they are uncomfortable, do not withstand hard wear, and give no sense of pride or well-being. The first step toward excellent fit in clothes is a pattern that fits properly. If a…

The Paper Dress Form

The Paper Dress Form Cover.jpg
Frequent requests received by the Department of Agriculture for directions for making gummed paper dress forms have led to the preparation of this circular. It should be understood, however, that the making of these forms having been first taught by the extension workers in the States, the directions herein given are largely a compilation from…

Selection of Cotton Fabrics

Selection of Cotton Fabrics Cover.jpg
THE GREATER PROPORTION of textiles bought by the average family and most of the garments made in the home are of cotton. Therefore, the careful selection of these materials means the saving not only of money but also of time and effort of the housewife. This bulletin gives information concerning those details of cotton-fabric composition and…

Women's Measurements for Garment and Pattern Construction

Women\'s Measurements for Garment and Pattern Construction Cover.jpg
This research project was undertaken in order to provide measurements which could be used for improving the fit of women's garments and patterns. No scientific study of body measurements used in the construction of women's clothing has ever been reported. The measurements used have grown up in the industry, apparently chiefly by trial and error,…

Sewing For Girls' Club Work

Sewing For Girls' Club Work Cover.jpg
ALL REGULAR CANNING CLUB MEMBERS in the South, are required to make a uniform cap and apron, holder, and cup towel for use in their canning work. During 1917, 44,146 caps and aprons, 8,803 towels, 7,010 holders, 5,919 dresses, 57 sewing screens, and 6,727 miscellaneous articles were reported made by club members. These figures were more than…

Present Trends in Home Sewing

Present Trends in Home Sewing.jpg
The practices of home makers in regard to home sewing are obviously in process of change, although there are no data available which show conclusively the tendencies which may be developing. The subject is of such economic importance that it is forcing itself upon the attention of many different groups. Not only those industrial organizations which…

Don’t Let Your Clothes Get Dated: RE-CREATE!

Don’t Let Your Clothes Get Dated 1.jpg
In many American homes, the fall season is the time to look at the family wardrobe and take stock for the cold weather months ahead.

But not everyone rushes out to buy new clothing. Not these days. Anyone who's recently gone out to buy a suit, a dress, a coat, or any other garment knows that ready-made clothing is costly. Nationally, ready-made…