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Instructions for Study of Use of Time by Homemakers

Instructions for study of use of time by homemakers 1.jpg
Record each activity as soon as possible after it is performed, using a sharp pencil. Account for the entire 24 hours. The time need not be entered to the exact minute. The nearest 5 minutes is accurate enough. For example, 9:12 should be entered as 9:20. No entries should be made for less than 5 minutes. Activities taking less than 5 minutes…

Home demonstration work under the Smith-Lever Act, 1914-1924

Home demonstration work under the Smith-Lever Act, 1914-1924.jpg

In 1919 the Office of Cooperative Extension Work, North and West, wishing to obtain information on which to base home programs, made a survey of 10,000 representative farm homes in the rural regions of the 33 Northern and Western States in cooperation with the State colleges of agriculture and the county farm bureaus, and…