How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table



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But few people realize what an important vegetable the tomato is. While it is true that chemical analysis does not place it very high in the nutritive scale, if viewed from this angle alone its real value will be greatly underestimated.

For the reasons which follow, every normal person should make the tomato a very prominent part of the weekly diet:

1. It is a vegetable that is easily grown.

2. It yields well and keeps for a long time.

3. It usually brings a fair price, because nearly everyone likes tomatoes.

4. It contains distinct medicinal virtues (which are recognized by many authoritative books on household remedies), as “vegetable calomel.”

5. It is both a relish and an appetizer as well as a food.

6. Our soils can be made to bring enormous yields of tomatoes, superior in look, taste, and general appearance.

7. They can be prepared in so many delicious ways that one can eat them every day in the week and not get tired of them.

8. The old vines contain splendid dye-stuffs, which could be utilized as a by-product for dying fabrics of various kinds.

9. There as so many sizes, colors, and varieties that, for garnishings, fancy soups, and especially fine decorative table-effects, they are almost indispensable.

10. With a little intelligent effort fresh tomatoes can be produced in this locality almost the year round.


How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table