The Raising of Hogs: One of the Best Ways to Fill the Empty Dinner Pail



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With sugar cured hams selling for 26 cents per pound, bacon sliced selling for 36 cents per pound, lard selling for 19 cents per pound, and unsmoked white meat selling for 23 cents per pound, it does not require the wisdom of a philosopher to see that the bulk mass of dinner pails must remain only partially filled or entirely empty in so far as the above pork products are concerned.

The all absorbing question is:

(a) Can the above condition be remedied?

(b) Yes.

(c) In what way?

(d) By learning to raise pigs with little money.

(e) How can this be done?

(f) By studying and beginning at once to carry out the suggestions outlined herein.

(g) Every farmer must realize that the hog is one of the best mortgage lifters on the farm, and can be quickly and easily raised with but little or no cash outlay.

Extensive study leads me to believe that there is not a single spot or section in the entire South that is equal to, much less excel, the natural advantages found here in Macon County, Alabama, for the production of not only choice pork for home consumption but large quantities for market.


The Raising of Hogs: One of the Best Ways to Fill the Empty Dinner Pail


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