Sweet Potato Growing




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A SUFFICIENT QUANTITY of sweet potatoes for home use can be grown under a wide range of conditions, but when the crop is to be produced commercially the soil, climate, and market should be carefully considered.

Sweet potatoes work in well with a rotation of farm or truck crops, and if improved methods of growing and storing the crop are employed good returns are realized.

The sweet potato is propagated by plants or slips and by vine cuttings. The plants are produced by sprouting the seed potatoes in warm sand. The cuttings are made in the field after the plants begin to vine.

When bottom heat is necessary for growing the plants, the hotbed can be heated with manure, by flues, or by steam or hot-water pipes. In the South, where no bottom heat is necessary, the plants are grown in coldframes.

The success of the crop in the field will depend largely upon the way the plants start off after being removed from the plant bed and set in the field or garden.

Sweet potatoes should be harvested carefully and graded and packed in attractive packages in order to insure profitable returns.


Sweet Potato Growing