A Handbook for Better Feeding of Livestock



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National Agricultural Library



Great numbers of farmers have expressed to the United States Department of Agriculture their interest in problems of better feeding, growth, and development of livestock.

This handbook has been prepared by department feeding specialists for distribution to farmers who desire a handy-sized set of simple rules and reference tables to be followed in feeding the different classes of farm animals. It aims to aid farmers in understanding the principles of better feeding and in using the best practices which are adaptable to conditions on their farms.

No set of specific feeding rules can be wisely applied throughout the country. Local conditions, seasonal changes, and many other factors combine to make the best feeding practices change from place to place and from time to time. This handbook discusses the main points most commonly encountered in feeding, but which should always be adapted to local conditions. More general discussions of feeding practices will be found in Farmers' Bulletins and other publications of the department, also in publications of the State agricultural colleges and experiment stations.


A Handbook for Better Feeding of Livestock