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Winter Gardens

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Need for Winter Garden. Every southern garden should have a supply of lettuce, spinach and radishes throughout the fall and winter and spring, as they can be easily grown and form valuable additions to the usual dry, winter diet. With more of such food products in the diet, there would be less use for spring tonics and other medicines. In addition…

Use of Vegetables from Winter Garden

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Instructions have already gone out for the winter garden and this letter simply follows up that one that you may know the many ways of using the vegetables suggested to be planted in the winter garden. Also the methods for taking care of any surplus you may have.

Utilization of Dried Fruits and Vegetables

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Owing to the present high price of sugar and containers, the drying of fruits and vegetables should be stressed. If properly dried and carefully stored these products may to a large extent take the place of fresh or canned fruits and vegetables They should not be kept indefinitely however, since they deteriorate during long storage. Hence it would…