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How to Grow the Cow Pea and 40 Ways of Preparing It as a Table Delicacy

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Among the many rich blessings especially given to the South, there are but few, if any, that stand out more prominently than the cow pea, for the following reasons:

1. It is a legume (pod-bearing plant), and brings fertility to the soil. In this it has but few equals, and still fewer superiors.

2. As a food for man and beast the peas are…

Some Possibilities of the Cow Pea in Macon County, Alabama

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The cow pea is rightfully looked upon by many as the poor man’s bank or mortgage-lifter. I think I am safe in the assertion that there is no crop grown in the South which possesses so many good qualities and is so easily grown as the cow pea.

It is a matter of much regret that every colored farmer in Macon County does not plant at least three…

How to Cook Cow Peas

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Since the publication of this bulletin the applications for it have steadily increased until the output of 1,500 has been exhausted and the demand unsupplied; and with this apology it was thought wise to republish it.

The popularity of the cow pea is increasing from every point of view from year to year. Someone has wisely said that as a crop,…

Cow Peas

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Every year the demand for an increased quantity and better quality of nutritious forage for animals, and a wider range of food stuffs for man has suggested a basis for some very careful and interesting study. Experiment Stations, as well as individuals, have devoted much time and means to this line of investigation. Plants of many different genera,…