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Marketing Southern-Grown Sweet Potatoes

Marketing Southern-Grown Sweet Potatoes Cover.jpg
Eleven Southern States produce sugary, moist-fleshed sweet potatoes so unlike the dry, mealy varieties shipped from the northeastern section of the producing area that they are recognized as a distinct class or type on the principal markets of the United States. For many years the sweet potato has been the most important vegetable crop in the…

Is Increased Efficiency in Farming Always a Good Thing?

Is Increased Efficiency in Farming Always a Good Thing 1.jpg
The impact of the machine age on farms and cities has been the subject of much discussion. Where do you stand on the following questions?

1. What new machines have been introduced on the farms and in the households of your neighborhood in recent years? What has been their effect?

2. What changes, other than the use of machinery have made…

Farm Budgeting

Farm Budgeting Cover.jpg
THE FARMING INDUSTRY of the United States loses many hundred millions of dollars each year because production is overexpanded along some lines and underexpanded along others. These ups and downs in agricultural production are partly the result of changes made by farmers in acreages of crops and numbers of livestock. Changes of this kind are…

Practical Farm Economics

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IN HIS EFFORTS to make his farm pay, the farmer must decide what to produce and how to produce it and what to sell and how to sell it. His success depends on his making the right decisions on these questions. These questions come up nearly every day in the year and decisions must be based on a knowledge of principles and facts and not on some…

What is Farm Management?

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Farm management treats of the business of farming from the following standpoints:

(1) Relative desirability of farming and other lines of business.

(2) Selection of the farm.

(3) Organization and equipment of the farm.

(4) Farm operation.

In the brief consideration that can be given the subject here no attempt will be made to treat…

Farm Practices That Increase Crop Yields: The Gulf Coast Region

Farm Practices That Increase Crop Yields Cover.jpg
GULF COAST REGION upland soils are ordinarily deficient in nitrogen and need to be supplied with liberal quantities of organic matter if profitable crop yields are to be produced. This condition is most easily and cheaply remedied by growing such legumes as velvet beans, cowpeas, soy beans, bur clover, crimson clover, hairy vetch, and beggar weed,…

Toward Farm Security

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THE CLOSER IN POINT OF TIME one is to a period, the less certain he is that any summary judgment is the correct one. And of course, when one attempts to characterize a period that is just beginning he is, to no small degree, engaging in prophecy. He is so close to events that he often cannot correctly see the "shape of things to come." When time…

A Study of Farming in Southwestern Kentucky

Study of Farming in Southwestern Kentucky Cover.jpg
To be successful as a business, a farm should earn a fair rate of interest on the investment and return to the operator fair wages for labor and management after paying all expenses, including depreciation. In the locality under consideration in this bulletin 5 per cent is assumed to be a fair rate of interest on invested capital. It is just about…

Factors That Make for Success in Farming in the South

Factors That Make for Success in Farming in the South Cover.jpg
THE FARMER invests capital in land, labor, and equipment for the production of crops, of live stock, and of animal products. It is self-evident that to reach the highest return for time and capital expended he must use his land and equipment, and expend his labor and supplies, with the greatest efficiency and economy possible under his particular…

A Method of Analyzing the Farm Business

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FARMING is an art. It is also a science. But above and including both, farming is a business and the successful farmer is a business man. The basic qualities of a manufacturer, a financier, and a salesman combined in one man are essential to the efficient and successful management of a going farm enterprise.

Success on the farm primarily rests…

A Method of Testing Farms in the South for Efficiency in Management

Method of Testing Farms in the South for Efficiency in Management 1.jpg
This circular is intended to present a method of testing farms for efficiency in management, with some general standards of efficiency, for the use of farm-management extension workers, county agents, farmers, and others, with special reference to agricultural conditions in the South. The method is by no means exhaustive in character, but it is…

A Farm Management Study of Cotton Farms of Ellis County, Tex.

Farm Management Study of Cotton Farms of Ellis County, Tex. 1.jpg
This bulletin is based on data obtained in a survey of the business of 120 farms in Ellis County, Tex., in 1914. In this survey the following factors were taken into consideration: Value of farm property; proportion of capital invested in land, buildings, implements, and machinery; feed inventories and cash for operating expenses; labor…

Losses From Selling Cotton in the Seed

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In the majority of cases, when the farmer sells his cotton in the seed he loses his money, yet a large part of the crop is so marketed in many local markets. A much larger proportion of the total crop of cotton is sold in the seed in Missouri and Virginia than in any other States, while the largest number of bales so sold is in Oklahoma. Of the…

A Profitable Cotton Farm

Profitable Cotton Farm Cover.jpg
This bulletin is an account of the progressive and successful farm operations of a farmer of South Carolina who, by combining thorough tillage, crop rotation, barnyard manure, and a judicious use of commercial fertilizer, has changed a previously badly managed and run-down cotton farm into a very productive and profitable enterprise. The impulse…

How to Make and Save Money on the Farm

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Bulletin No. 39 from the Alabama Experiment Station located at Tuskegee Institute under the direction of Dr. George W. Carver, is being issued at a very opportune time. The problem of farm management is becoming more and more serious every year. It is not that there is any falling off in production; in fact there has been a great…

Twelve Ways to Meet the New Economic Conditions Here in the South

Twelve Ways to Meet the New Economic Conditions Here in the South cover.jpg
It needs but little or no discussion to convince us that we are on the beginning of the most perplexing, most interesting, and the most important period of our lives.

We are confronted with new economic conditions; the problems of last year are not the problems of this year; yea, the problems of yesterday are greatly overshadowed by the problems…

How to Make Cotton Growing Pay

How to Make Cotton Growing Pay  cover.jpg
Two years of cotton experimentation have come and gone since the issue of Bulletin 7 of this station, on Cotton Growing on Sandy Upland Soils; in that bulletin we took the position that every acre in Alabama capable of growing cotton , could and should be made to produce a bale of cotton to the acre.

The bulletin further shows that the above…