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Sweet Potatoes

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The delicate flavor of a sweet potato is lost if it is not cooked properly. Steaming develops and preserves the flavor better than boiling, and baking better than steaming.

A sweet potato cooked quickly is not well cooked. Time is an essential element. Twenty minutes may serve to bake a sweet potato so that a hungry…

Dry Beans, Peas, Lentils: Modern Cookery

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Most cooks are old friends with some particular kind of dry bean or pea, or with the lentil. They like to cook and season it some favorite way.

But in markets today you may find wide variety to choose from: Kidney beans . . . limas . . . Great Northerns . . . pintos . . . pea beans . . . split and whole peas . . . lentils . . . others perhaps.…

Painting on the Farm

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THIS BULLETIN describes various kinds of paint and tells how to select the right kind for any purpose. It gives directions for mixing paint on the job, for preparing surfaces, and for applying the paint. Full directions for making and applying several kinds of whitewash are included.This bulletin supersedes Farmers' Bulletin 474, Use of Paint on…

Pork on the Farm: Killing, Curing, and Canning

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EVERY FARM should produce the pork and pork products which are consumed on that farm. Selling hogs and buying pork involves profits, but not for the farmer engaged in the practice.

Home curing of pork is an old practice. It nearly went out of style, but the style is rapidly becoming popular again.

Home-cured pork, fresh-canned pork, sausage,…

Beef on the Farm: Slaughtering, Cutting, Curing

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SLAUGHTERING BEEF on the farm or ranch is the only means of obtaining fresh beef in many localities.

Home dressing of beef often makes it possible to procure meat at a considerable saving.

Blocky, healthy animals, in good condition, yield the most desirable beef.

Simple equipment and methods, described and illustrated in this bulletin,…

Community Food Preservation Centers

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Community food preservation-families getting together in a neighborly way to can, brine, preserve or store an oversupply for a coming need-is as old as America and as new as all-out defense.

In normal, peaceful years, it is one of this country’s thrifty means of securing an all-the-year supply of good food. It has been proved a good way of…

Preservation of Vegetables by Fermentation and Salting

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AMONG the practical methods of conserving surplus food, especially worthy of consideration at this time, are those based on preservation by fermentation and salting or brining.

Owing to the enormous development of canning in this country during the last generation and the ease with which fresh vegetables may be obtained from some part of the…

Killing Hogs and Curing Pork

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CHOICE HAM AND BREAKFAST BACON can be produced by the farmer for much less than the cost of purchased meat.

The cheapest meat a farmer can use is the product of his own farm.

This is also true of the suburban or town farmer who fattens one or two hogs on kitchen and truck-garden wastes.

Many farmers, for the first time, this year will…

Gardening Instructions for Club Members

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The growing of a tenth-acre garden is a part of the regular four-year program of work of enrolled members of Girls' Gardening and Canning Clubs of the Southern States, and 87,705 such gardens were grown in 1918. In addition, 26,249 twentieth-acre garden plots were grown by junior club members and 221,925 home gardens by women and girls. Since many…

Home Gardening in the South

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A WELL-KEPT vegetable garden is a source not only of profit to the gardener but of pleasure to the entire family. For many vegetables which deteriorate rapidly in quality after being gathered, the only practicable means of securing the best is to grow them at home. This is especially true of garden peas, sweet corn, string beans, green Lima beans,…

The Home Fruit Garden in the Southeastern and Central Southern States

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Well-ripened, sound fruits increase the healthfulness, variety, attractiveness, and palatability of meals. Despite the relatively large available supplies of fruit, many families, especially on farms, do not have adequate quantities in the diet. In almost every part of this region certain fruits and nuts that usually need little or no spraying can…

Winter Gardens

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Need for Winter Garden. Every southern garden should have a supply of lettuce, spinach and radishes throughout the fall and winter and spring, as they can be easily grown and form valuable additions to the usual dry, winter diet. With more of such food products in the diet, there would be less use for spring tonics and other medicines. In addition…

Use of Vegetables from Winter Garden

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Instructions have already gone out for the winter garden and this letter simply follows up that one that you may know the many ways of using the vegetables suggested to be planted in the winter garden. Also the methods for taking care of any surplus you may have.

The Home Garden in the South

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In regions where cotton is the principal crop a well-kept garden is the exception, and even in localities where commercial vegetable production is the main industry there is a scarcity of fresh vegetables during a large part of the year. In fact, no feature of southern agriculture is more neglected than the production of vegetables for home use.…

Utilization of Dried Fruits and Vegetables

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Owing to the present high price of sugar and containers, the drying of fruits and vegetables should be stressed. If properly dried and carefully stored these products may to a large extent take the place of fresh or canned fruits and vegetables They should not be kept indefinitely however, since they deteriorate during long storage. Hence it would…

Dietary Studies With Reference to the Food of the Negro in Alabama in 1895 and 1896

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The purpose of this bulletin is to give an account of studies of the food and nutrition of negroes in the neighborhood of Tuskegee, Ala. The investigation was made during the spring of 1895 and the winter of 1895-96, with the cooperation of the Normal and Agricultural Institute at Tuskegee and of the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College at…

Use of Corn, Kafir, and Cowpeas in the Home

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The cowpea is a member of a large botanical family known as the Leguminosse, whose fruit or seeded pods are called legumes. It is said to be native to Africa and early in the eighteenth century was introduced into the United States by way of the West Indies. Gradually it spread northward and late in the century we have record of its cultivation as…

The Useful Properties of Clays

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From the earliest dawn of history man has exercised himself in fashioning into products of beauty and utility the plastic materials which he found prepared for his hand on or under the surface of the earth. The stone age was followed by the bronze, and this in time by that of iron, and this in turn by the age of steam and electricity; but…

How to Make Sweet Potato Flour, Starch, Sugar, Bread and Mock Cocoanut

How to Make Sweet Potato Flour, Starch, Sugar, Bread and Mock Cocoanut cover.jpg

There are several grades of this product and quite as many ways to manufacture them. Each one of these flours or meals (as most millers insist upon calling them) has a particular character of its own and is therefore adapted to certain uses the other products are not.

These Sweet Potato flours are generally speaking of…

How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table

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But few people realize what an important vegetable the tomato is. While it is true that chemical analysis does not place it very high in the nutritive scale, if viewed from this angle alone its real value will be greatly underestimated.

For the reasons which follow, every normal person should make the tomato a very prominent part of the weekly…

White and Color Washing with Native Clays from Macon County, Alabama

White and Color Washing with Native Clays from Macon County, Alabama cover.jpg
Of the many attractive features of our beautiful county, I think there is possibly none that elicit such universal admiration and praise as the vast deposits of multi-colored clays, ranging from snow-white, through many gradations, to the richest Sienna and Indian reds on the one hand, and from the deepest yellow ochre to the palest cream tintings…

Saving the Wild Plum Crop

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Nature endows or blesses each state or section with an indigenous flora and fauna best suited to that particular soil and climatic conditions.

Applying the above to Alabama, Macon and adjoining counties have been unusually blessed in the quantity, variety and quality of its wild plums.
They vary in size from a half to one inch in diameter, and…

Saving the Sweet Potato Crop

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Of the many vexing problems with which the Southern farmer must deal, there are probably none more troublesome than the saving of his sweet potato crop.

Some years, all methods, from the simplest to the most complex, seem to succeed. Probably the very next year just the reverse is true, and all spoil, leaving in many instances hardly enough for…