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Potatoes for Livestock Feed

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Since enactment of the Steagall Amendment of July 1, 1941 into law, the price-support program for potatoes has brought to public attention problems that have confronted potato growers for many years. During large crop years before the inauguration of the price- support program, growers either failed to harvest a part of their crops or they dumped a…

Feed Consumption by Livestock, 1910-41: Relations Between Feed, Livestock, and Food at the National Level

Feed Consumption by Livestock, 1910-41 Relations Between Feed, Livestock, and Food at the National Level.jpg
Feed for livestock suddenly becomes of crucial importance in meeting the crucial needs of the United Nations for food. For 10 years the emphasis of agricultural leaders has been on holding down the over- abundant supplies of feed and keeping the fertility in the soil against a time of need. That time is here and now. Milk, meat, eggs, must be…

Rice and Its By-Products for Feeding Livestock

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The annual production of rice in the United States has increased in the last 30 years from about 100,000 tons of milled rice to more than 500,000 tons. Approximately 40,000 tons of rice bran, 15,000 tons of rice polish, and at least 10,000 tons of brewers' rice are available annually for livestock feeding.

In parts of the coastal plain of the…

Apple By-Products as Stock Foods

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Shortly after the close of the World War American manufacturers became greatly interested in the possibilities of utilizing dried apple pomace and similar dried residues as stock foods. Information, founded on scientific research, concerning the feeding value of dried apple by-products and their effect on the production of milk when fed to cows was…

The Maintenance Rations of Farm Animals

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Feed is supplied to farm animals in order that they may either yield products useful to man as materials for human food and clothing or serve him by the performance of mechanical work. But as a factory must first be supplied with enough power to keep in motion the shafting, belting, and other machinery before any product can be turned out, so the…

Marketing Live Stock in the South: Suggestions for Improvement

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THE outlet for southern farmers' live stock lies chiefly with local butchers and shippers, and therefore is limited and often unsatisfactory. Not un- commonly farmers slaughter their animals without previously arranging for the sale of the dressed carcasses and, because of the perishable nature of their product, are forced to sacrifice it on an…

Feeding Cattle for Beef

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THE FEEDING of cattle for beef production affords one of the most practical ways of disposing of grain and roughages produced on the farm.

This industry favors diversification in agriculture and makes possible a well-balanced distribution of labor throughout the year.

Approximately 75 per cent of the fertilizing constituents of feeds fed to…

Feeding Wheat to Livestock

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IN a general way, and for all-purpose feeding, a pound of cracked wheat or a pound of cracked barley, or a pound of both in any proportion, is equal in feeding value to a pound of corn.

Farmers whose corn crops are short can now save money by substituting wheat and barley, pound for pound, for corn, and in feeding those grains in the same way…

Feeding Chickens

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EFFICIENT FEEDING PRACTICES are necessary to make poultry raising most profitable and to produce the best quality of products.

The feed is the most important cost factor in raising poultry. Therefore the selection of feeds and the method of feeding are very important matters.

In feeding all classes of poultry a proper balance of the various…

A Handbook for Better Feeding of Livestock

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Great numbers of farmers have expressed to the United States Department of Agriculture their interest in problems of better feeding, growth, and development of livestock.

This handbook has been prepared by department feeding specialists for distribution to farmers who desire a handy-sized set of simple rules and reference tables to be followed…

Feeding Cottonseed Products to Livestock

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THE FOLLOWING POINTS have been determined from experiments and practical feeding operations. They should be kept in mind and carefully followed in feeding cottonseed products to live stock:

(1) Do not feed cottonseed meal to young calves.

(2) Horses and pigs should be fed cottonseed products only in small quantities and then with great…

Feeding Grain Sorghums to Livestock

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GRAIN SORGHUMS are the chief cultivated crops produced in the semiarid sections of the southwestern United States.

On account of the dryness of the climate, the lack of transportation facilities, and the distance from markets most of this region can be used only as range for cattle and sheep.

Most of the cattle and sheep in this area must be…

Can Live Stock Be Raised Profitably in Alabama?

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I am confident that no other time has been more favorable than the present for every farmer in Alabama to think seriously and constructively along this line, asking himself the following questions. (I feel equally sure that with the facts before him he will have little or no trouble in deciding what course to take.)



The Raising of Hogs: One of the Best Ways to Fill the Empty Dinner Pail

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With sugar cured hams selling for 26 cents per pound, bacon sliced selling for 36 cents per pound, lard selling for 19 cents per pound, and unsmoked white meat selling for 23 cents per pound, it does not require the wisdom of a philosopher to see that the bulk mass of dinner pails must remain only partially filled or entirely empty in so far as the…

Poultry Raising in Macon County, Alabama

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Of all the get-rich-quick schemes there is probably none more productive of delusion than that of poultry raising on paper. And yet, with the proper facilities and applied intelligence, possibly more handsome returns can be had from poultry than any other industry in proportion to the amount of capital invested and the readiness with which results…

Feeding Acorns

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In this beautiful Southland of ours, with so many natural resources, and the repeated failures of the North, East and West to supply the ever-increasing demand for pork, dairy products, etc., has led us to turn much of our attention in this direction.

The great quantity of acorns produced in our oak forests, which have been hitherto practically…