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Peanut and Peanut Butter Recipes

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When every food penny has to count, it pays to explore new ways of using such plentiful foods as peanuts and peanut butter in low-cost, nourishing dishes.Peanuts belong to the pea-and-bean family: the legumes — they aren't really nuts at all. But like nuts, they're always popular in salads and sandwiches, cookies, and desserts — as well as just…

Peanut Growing

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PEANUTS are an important farm crop throughout the greater part of the Southeastern States. The peanut is a native of the Tropics and was introduced into North America during the early colonization period, but its use has increased very greatly during recent years. Peanuts should be grown in a definite rotation, including at least two…

Peanut Growing for Profit

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PEANUTS have become one of the best money crops for use in rotation with cotton and other farm crops in the fight against the boll weevil. Until recently peanuts were grown in the greater part of the Gulf coast region primarily for stock feeding, but now they are of commercial importance in no less than 12 Southern States.

Good seed, proper…

Use Peanut Flour to Save Wheat

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EVERY AVAILABLE SUBSTITUTE for wheat flour must be used in cooking to help win the war. The Southern States have long been familiar with the use of crushed or ground peanuts in breads, muffins, and biscuits. This has always meant a saving of wheat and should continue wherever the flour made by grinding the press-cake is not available. The advantage…

By-Products From Crushing Peanuts

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The popular idea seems to be that the peanut is marketed chiefly in the roasted form. As a matter of fact, however, these nuts are used principally in making salted peanuts, peanut butter, and confectioners' and bakers' goods, and in the manufacture of oil and meal. The peanut industry was of little commercial prominence until 1870, when it began…

Peanut Oil

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A large increase in the acreage of peanuts in the South, especially in the territory infested with the cotton boll weevil, has led owners of oil mills, farmers, merchants, and bankers to look for a new outlet for a part, at least, of the peanut crop. As a result there has arisen during recent years considerable interest in the experimental…

Peanut Butter

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The growing popularity of peanut butter as a food has led to many inquiries regarding the methods employed in its manufacture. Peanut butter is in reality a very simple preparation, consisting merely of fresh-roasted peanuts ground finely and salted to suit the taste. Several large factories and a large number of smaller ones are now devoted to the…

The Peanut

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It is not definitely known when and where the peanut was first cultivated. Several allied species of plants are natives of Brazil, and there is every indication that the common peanut originally came from tropical America. Peanuts were introduced into the United States during the earlier days of colonization, but did not become of commercial…

Peanut Growing in the Cotton Belt

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The value of the peanut, both as a money crop and for feeding on the farm, makes it especially desirable in the cropping system in some parts of the cotton belt. The commercial value of the crop increased from $7,270,515 in 1899 to $18,271,929 in 1909, and the increase since 1909 has been even greater than before that year. These figures do not…

Peanuts: Culture and Uses

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The peanut (Arachis hypogwa), known also in different localities as the earthnut, groundnut, ground pea, goober, and pindar, is a trailing straggling annual, growing from 1 to 2 feet high, with thick, angular, pale-green, hairy stems, and spreading branches, and has the peculiar habit of maturing its fruit underground. (Strictly speaking it is not…

How to Grow the Peanut: And 105 Ways of Preparing It for Human Consumption

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Of all the money crops grown by Macon County farmers, perhaps there are none more promising than the peanut in its several varieties and their almost limitless possibilities.

Of the many good things in their favor, the following stand out as most prominent:

1. Like all other members of the pod-bearing family, they enrich the soil.

2. They…